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Even though rarely publicized, due to the COVID pandemic, churches worldwide face the same lockdown and limited capacity measures that have caused millions of businesses to close their doors for good. Since most religious organizations’ revenue models are based mainly on in-person donations from their patrons, it’s not difficult to imagine that ministries are now having to rethink their approach to interacting with their members and encouraging the charitable donations that allow them to survive.

Due to this, Pinterest marketing for churches has become an attractive outreach option that allows ministry officials the opportunity to keep their congregation visually engaged with weekly messages, giving opportunities, and new member engagement campaigns.

Here are the reasons why Pinterest is quickly becoming the go-to marketing tool for religious organizations around the world.

What is Pinterest Marketing?

If you aren’t familiar with Pinterest, it’s a visual search engine that serves up photos, videos, and other types of content called Pins to users based on their specific interests. This includes interests such as homemaking, pottery, fashion, and even church sermons.

Over the last five years, the social media site has exploded in popularity, but only more recently have churches really begun to explore the tool’s substantial outreach potential for their ministries. Let’s explore specifically why the tool is perfect for helping enhance your marketing efforts.

1) Expands Audience Size

Because the Pins that users see are based on their interest, Pinterest’s algorithm can make the process highly efficient to get your church’s sermons and messages in front of thousands of potential viewers daily, particularly, after you have established a substantial following. 

Through the use of Boards, you can properly categorize your content so that users can find it more easily. Board optimization is critical to expanding audience size on Pinterest. To effectively reach more users with your content, it’s important to use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices on both your pins and boards.

2) Raises Ministry Awareness

Among all social media platforms, Pinterest is the most optimal for ministries looking to raise visual awareness about upcoming news and events taking place within the organization. In the past, ministry officials could easily update their members from the pulpit in their auditoriums. Now due to limitations in capacity, many are taking this messaging to Pinterest to reach their members. 

One example of this is if the auditorium’s grounds need repair, pinning an image or a short video of the problem is more likely to inspire members to take action, as opposed to an email or a tweet.

3) Increasing Charitable Donations

Historically, one of the most significant barriers for nonprofit organizations is getting an interested person to follow through with making a donation. Pinterest is unique because it boasts some of the most impressive user conversion rates of any social media platform. 

A conversion is when a user clicks on a Pin and is taken to a website where they purchase a product, sign up for an email list, or in this case, making a donation. The platform is unique because, through the power of visualization, ministries are able to effectively communicate why donations are critical and how they will be used to promote Christian values.

4) Getting More Website Visits

Pinterest is an excellent source of referral traffic for your ministry’s website. Each unique Pin you create can become a hyperlink back to your ‘About Us’ or any page on the site that can provide additional context to your Pin. Because a well-designed pin offers a user value in the form of information or awareness, users tend to be more willing to explore the creator’s website.

For example, many large eCommerce websites use this strategy to create pins that demo a product or service and then link directly to their website’s checkout page. You can leverage a similar approach by creating pins of sermons or individual prayers, which can effectively inspire people to learn more about your ministry.

5) Appeals To Youthful Generations

It’s no secret that younger generations are heavily engaged on social media platforms like Pinterest, so reaching them effectively with your ministry will require a nuanced and social marketing approach. Any congregation’s future rests in its youth, so appealing to this demographic is critical to the organization’s long-term success.

One great strategy that many organizations are deploying today is using Pinterest to highlight their youth ministry and events happening inside the church. This can include short video pins of their younger members giving testimonials about the innovative activities the church is doing to inspire youth participation and inclusion.

Pinterest Marketing for Churches is the Future

Like many other industries, the COVID pandemic has forced ministry officials’ to reevaluate their approach to outreach and organizational engagement with current and future members. The idea behind Pinterest marketing for churches is to meet your people at the intersection of their interests while also making it visually appealing to engage with your ministry.

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The best part of Pinterest is that there is no cost to start growing a faithful following through engaging Christian content. There are also many free tools such as Canva that make the process of creating gorgeous pins easy and with no need to have a background in graphic design.

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