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If you’re a digital marketer or busines owner, then by now you are likely more than familiar with SEO (search engine optimisation) as a very important digital marketing strategy. However, even those of us who are familiar with ‘SEO’, may not fully understand why it is known as a long-term strategy.

To help break things down for you, think of SEO like this…

You might say that SEO is a lot like going to the gym and eating healthy. The initial shock of these positive actions to your body might result in weight loss and muscle gain, but unless you keep exercising and eating healthy, the weight and muscle gains will go in the wrong directions.

SEO is very similar. The initial on-page changes that one makes to a website to optimise it may result in noticeable improvement in rankings and web traffic. However, unless one keeps working at the off-page SEO then these results will be short lived.

To get the most out of your SEO, here are some on-going SEO tactics that you might want to incorporate on a regular basis:

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