Why Creating A Conversation Is Key When Using Social Media Marketing – Digital Ad Agency

What is the first thing you do when you are starting your day? Do you immediately get up and start breakfast? Maybe getting the coffee started is your first priority. Many jump right in the shower. What you may not realize is how many individuals’ first priority is to check what is happening on their favorite social media platform before they even get out of bed. It is becoming more and more common to check Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn before your body leaves your bed.

This act is an indication of how involved we can get with social media. Some may be discouraged by this and choose to go against what is taking place. However, most digital marketing leaders give the opposite advice. Many have gone on record stating that in order to be a successful leader in this ever-changing, fast-paced world it is necessary to be connected to what is going on around you using whatever tools are available. In other words you need to pay complete attention to the conversation on these social media platforms. Still many people find themselves confused about how they can take full advantage of the social media campaign they develop. Some are doing it the wrong way. Simply tweeting, re-tweeting and posting comments is not enough. In fact that can be a complete waste of time. So what is the best way to learn from your audience? Start a conversation with them.

When you listening to what they say you can develop a strong campaign. The biggest audiences that use social media are millennials. This generation has a lot of power in the online marketplace. In fact, studies have found that millennials are responsible for more than $600 billion in sales. This is a audience you cannot afford to ignore. This is why your company or organization should be aware of the needs and wants of this particular generation. Sometimes when you are very involved in the operation of your business you can loose sight of how the company is perceived by the outside world. This can be very damaging since the most important part of marketing is making sure you are properly communicating the message of your business to your audience.

When you are deeply involved with the business you can make certain assumptions about your audiences knowledge of what it is your business offers them. This is a mistake. That is why you should have others not so closely involved with the business review your latest ad or campaign before you run it. These extra pair of eyes can make sure that your message is being received correctly.

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