Whitepaper. How to do a quick SEO-audit

Which SEO errors are the most common? Every year, the Serpstat editorial team analyzes the results of site audits our users have performed to shed light on this issue. In this article, you can find the results of the study showing the most common SEO errors and get the recomendations on how to fix them.
1 The most common mistakes and weaknesses and how to handle them
1.1 Meta tags
1.2 Links, markups, and headings
1.3 HTTPS certificate
1.4 Redirects, hreflang attribute, and multimedia
1.5 Indexing
1.6 HTTP status codes, AMP and content errors
1.7 Loading time

2. What is an SEO audit, and when you need it
2.1 Problems you can solve using Serpstat Site Audit
2.2 Advantages of Serpstat Site Audit
2.3 What advantages does the page audit offer?

3. How to check your site’s issues using Serpstat
3.1 Create a project for a site audit
3.2 Study the audit overview report
3.3 Analyze the main site weaknesses


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