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The SEO process is like a marathon, not a sprint. This continuous process is like machinery which you can drill for oil and mine for gold.

SEO processes are constantly evolving and becoming more complicated. A local SEO expert such as Charles Leveillee is focused on increasing site visibility in organic search engines.

As a result, he can play a crucial role in the online success and growth of your company. This evolution unintentionally spawned two distinct yet powerful realms of site ranking practice.

One end of the spectrum is black hat SEO and on the other, white hat SEO. Black hat SEO takes advantage of the process, implementing strategies to rank a site without any need to follow rules.

These shady tactics are relentlessly considered to be low and bottom feeding methods of link building. On the other hand, white hat SEO strategies implement tactics that push for site ranking naturally and by the rules.

White hat SEO practices diverge from black hats concerning link building style and the overall ranking strategy. Charles Leveillee is a white hat SEO expert who proudly practices these white hat tactics for his clients.

Through his strategies, he helps sites gain trustworthy links to other authoritative websites through natural content.

Why are white hat SEO practices critical for your site ranking in search engines?

They Safeguard Your Business’ Reputation

It’s hard to increase and maintain your business reputation, particularly in a digital world. To gain and sustain visibility in organic search, it’s essential to utilize techniques that demonstrate your understanding search engine guidelines.

Playing around with black hat SEO techniques will lead you nowhere. While your business will get noticed by Google, it will not be in good ways.

On the other hand, white hat SEO techniques add goodwill to the bottom line. Ultimately, white hat SEO strategies will add value and longevity to your website.

Organic Visibility

Slow and steady wins the race! White hat SEO strategies take time to give you substantial results. They grow steadily over time because you’re targeting human, not search engines, where wide fluctuations in visibility are rare.

Better ROI

SEO is not an expense, it is an investment with a high return on investment in the long run. Black hat tactics give fast results, but only last until Google filters and bans your website from the search engine.

On the other hand, white hat SEO strategies are for effective and reliable results in the online market.

Still not convinced?

SEO is the best strategy that creates an ethical, substantially successful website and business. Wearing a white hat means you are playing with rules.

There is no trick or manipulation. A white hat SEO expert can make your site noticeable and make it user and search engine friendly.

White hat SEO involves some technical components which are rooted in giving exceptional human experience.

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