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You know that content is key.

You know that (i.e. engagement, impressions, audience growth and video views) is much more important than focusing on conversion or sales.

But why aren’t your posts getting the engagement you want?

Where are your 100k followers?

Why aren’t your videos going viral?

Here’s the shocking truth.

Most of the time, what you as a marketer post on social media does not reflect what consumers actually want!

The infographic above shows the comparison between what consumers want versus what marketers actually post.

Based on this, it seems that social marketers are not posting content that consumers would actually like to see.

Let’s look closely at the top 3 things that consumers want:

1. Discounts or Sales

Consumers love to get the best deals or special promotions from a brand. But we know that you can’t build strategies solely around deals and promotions even though they lead to conversions. It’s also not a sustainable way to build relationships with your audience. However, it’s still an important factor to consider when marketing your brand.

2. New products or services

This is another conflict between consumer preference and what brands can give. Consumers are always looking for new products, but the rate at which a brand produce new products is not high enough to keep consumers interested. That is why point #3 can make it up to this.

3. Educational posts

This is the sole overlap between marketing priorities and consumer preferences. This is the sweet spot you should aim for when planning your content if you aren’t already. Educational content would include information about who you are, what you do and what you’re an expert in. By giving information, you’re empowering consumers to consider your products or services.

Once you know what type of posts consumers want to see from you, it’s time to decide how to execute the content. To do this, we’d have to look at what type of content style consumers like.

We now know that consumers like informational or educational posts. So it’s no surprise that they prefer posts that point them to more information. However, you must remember that the information must be relevant to your industry. Otherwise, your target audience won’t be interested enough to click the link.

You should also prioritize graphics and images as main elements of your content.

If you haven’t noticed, most social media such as Facebook and Instagram are visual platforms. Thus, having talented photographers and graphic designers is key to establishing your brand on social media.

Want more engagement?

Video is the way to go! There’s no doubt that video content has increased in popularity. If your video post is interesting enough, it will receive a high engagement rate. So, hire a video producer and hop on the bandwagon!

Just remember: consumers like information and they want to see interesting or engaging content.

Like any relationship, it’s a two-way conversation. If you’re not allowing your consumers to participate, it’s unlikely that your relationship with them will go far.

“But how do I execute these types of content?”

If you’re ready to take your brand to the next level, we can help guide you through the process.

Sign up for our free consultation and we’ll level up your social media game!

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