What is the Best SEO Strategy in 2021 [See 15+ Pro Blogger Advice]

First of all, Thanks Archana for inviting me to this round-up.

Google is continuously sharpening its algorithm to provide a better user experience, and Google deeply cares about that!

This is what we need to keep in mind, whether it’s 2021 or beyond… Google will always focus on providing better information to its searchers. 

As Google is becoming smarter day by day, what you have to do is to provide a better user experience. 

If you are asking about the Strategies to take into use to leverage the power of SEO in 2021, then here a few…

1: Scan Google’s First Page

Whatever you are going to write about, always scan the first page of Google about the same topic. By scanning, I don’t mean just check which websites are ranking, rather deeply read their content, the structure they used and everything that makes their content worth ranking in Google’s eyes.

Because if ABC blog is ranking for “how to make money online” then it means they are providing better user experience and got everything covered what one blog/website needs to be ranked on the first page of Google, replicate the same while writing your content on the same topic.

Apart from scanning their content, also find websites they got backlinks from. If you are writing on the same topic then there are high chances for you to steal backlinks using the outreach or skyscraper technique of backlink building.

2: Optimize Your Content For Voice Search

People started taking Google Assistant, Alexa and other voice assistants in their daily life.

If you are not preparing for this chance from now then you are going to lose quality traffic in the near future.

Instead of typing, searchers prefer saying “Hey, Google! What is a backlink?” because it allows them multitasking & saves time too. 

Make sure when a voice search made relevant to your niche, your content appears there.

3: Update Your Content Timely

Who likes to read outdated content, no one! Right?

So make sure your update your content timely to keep it fresh and keep your spot fix on Google’s first page. 

Because if Google senses that visitors are coming back from your blog after spending a few second, it will push you down on its results page.

These are some SEO strategies that will surely benefit you in 2021, and again, SEO is a very huge topic and it is continually changing every day. What works today might not work next month. So, keep sharpening your knowledge about SEO.

Final Thoughts

After reading this roundup post (15+ Experts and Professional Blogger Thoughts and Experience) you can easily figure out that which SEO strategy is going to help you in 2021. Because SEO is a broad topic and log term process that can’t be finish in one day or be stable for a long duration. You have to keep exploring new SEO trends and Best SEO strategy in 2021 to win the game. 

Time to time Google also keep on changing their algorithm and ranking factor for better user experience. In such situation you should not stuck with some/particular SEO techniques at all. Keep learning new SEO skill and always update your content and blog to get better results in future. 

That is all for now in Best SEO Strategy in 2021. If you find this roundup post helpful then do share it so that others can also get benefits of it. Also let me know your favorite SEO strategy that you are going implement on your blog from today onwards. 

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