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If you’ve been following us for awhile, you probably know that we talk about the 80/20 Rule often – ok, maybe a bit too much, lol – but it’s so super important for marketing your biz online that we feel the need to constantly remind everyone to follow this formula because it really is the BEST way to build those relationships, which is our main goal, right? So if you have a new recruit or a friend who is just beginning her journey in direct sales, be sure to share this blog post with her so she can learn how to market the right way and be successful just like you!

The 80/20 Rule:

It is actually pretty simple! Basically, you want to post content that is 80% non-promotional posts with 20% being your biz posts (aka products and business opportunity). That means out of 10 posts, 8 of them will be about topics that offer value and create engagement while 2 of them will be directly about your business. This applies to ALL platforms and locations on social media, meaning that yes, even on your Facebook Business Page, you will want to adhere to the 80/20 Rule. Why? Because social media is meant to be SOCIAL. People are not interested in seeing product ad after product ad – that is super spammy and they will unfollow you and never want to visit your business page or group. So what do you post for that 80%? Here are 9 post types that will make scheduling your content a breeze!

9 Types of 80% Posts You Should Be Using:

Strategic Marketing Posts

There are ways to share about your business without being spammy and these posts are great for your personal Timeline, as promotional posts shouldn’t be on there at all. You can post a selfie using your product, or pictures from your vendor event or home party, pics of you having a blast at your company conference or of you on an all-expense paid vacation thanks to your business! Sharing how much fun you’re having because of your business is a very acceptable and welcome way to market without being pushy.

This or That Posts

With a This or That post, you’re simply giving your audience two options to help you make a decision or asking them what they prefer. These are easy to create yourself with our Design with Canva button!

A/B/C/D Posts

Similar to a This or That, an A/B/C/D or 1/2/3/4 post gives your audience 4 options to choose from. These can be for any topic, but it’s always a good idea to have it relate to your biz in a non-direct way.

Fill in the Blank Posts

Remember these in elementary school? Of course you do! And so will all your friends and fans when you post a Fill in the Blank, so they’ll be sure to answer in the comments! It’s like, a must do.

On a Scale of 1 to 10 Posts

This is a post type that rates how much or how little your audience likes something and it’s very easy to have it relate to your business!

Inspirational Quotes

Everyone loves seeing posts that make them feel inspired. Those feel good, puts a smile on your face type posts! We always feel great after seeing #motivationalmonday posts that help people start off the work week on the right foot!

Memes or GIFs

Make your audience laugh by posting humorous Memes or GIFs that will tickle their funny bone. Tip: These are especially effective during the middle of the work week!

Educational, Interesting and Funny Videos

Video is HOT! HOT! HOT! this year and is only going to become more popular so they are definitely a part of the 80/20 Rule. They not only visually grab the attention of your audience, but if they offer value and teach them something, they’ll be sure to check back in with you to see what else you’ve got going on!

Life Hack Posts

Everyone is looking to save time and discover ways to simplify their lives, and posting life hacks will help them do just that! Search Pinterest or come up with your own (again, relating them to your business is a great idea!) and your audience will not only return for more, but they’ll share those ideas (aka your posts) with their friends!

Remember when using these 80% post types, that you want to add a Call to Action to all of them! A ‘CTA’ is a way to either funnel your audience to another location, as in, from your timeline to your business page or from your business page to your community group, or you can ask a simple question which prompts them to comment on your post. You can use TextClips to make this happen in one simple click! You’ll also want to create your own graphics for your posts as much as possible so you can stand out and be authentic, which is why we integrated Canva into CinchShare which allows you to design and schedule all in one place! If you’re using CinchShare and your team also has CinchShare accounts, you can share your posts with Shared Folders to help them grow and have a ton of content at their fingertips! Finally, you are welcome to join us in our CinchShare Facebook Party & Marketing Training FB community group where we all share ideas and learn from one another in a friendly and fun atmosphere! See you there!

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