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Did you know?

* Of all the adults with Internet Access, 71% use social media i.e. they have at least one account, either on Facebook or Linkedin or Instagram!

* Over 800 million monthly users are active on Instagram. More than 60 million photos are posted each day, and 1.6 billion daily “likes” are given.

In short, social media is where your customers and potential customers have their eyes all day long. What you are left to do is have their attention diverted towards your services or products.

Now there are several ways to that through Digital Marketing!

– Spreading awareness about your brand or creating social media awareness of your company to reach your potential customers

– Adding a routine post on social media stating about different products or services you offer

– Having informational posts about new launches, discounts or any other schemes that can be offered

– Sharing customer reviews and experiences can also prove beneficial

– Posting ads with/without pictures or videos to target the right group of people for your business

– Selling online directly through social media, marketplace etc.

While there are plenty of social media platforms for Internet marketing, few platforms still stay the most engaged and popular among its users, e.g. Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter & Instagram.

Types of Ads in social media marketing

There are hundreds of things one can do on social media including brand awareness, website clicks/visitors, local area reach, lead forms/signup forms, direct app installations, ads in messenger, in stream video ads, job vacancy, special discounts and offers to redeem, upcoming event registrations, sponsored videos and much more.

Type and variants for audience selection in social media marketing

Content always requires the attention of the right audience to work in the way it is supposed to.

Narrow down your reach to your potential customers to receive the highest conversion rate. This is done by targeting the people or selecting the right kind of audience of the ad or post for your business based on various factors:

Importance of Social Media marketing
Facebook Marketing

Founded in 2004, Facebook is the still the most widely used social media platform all over the World and attracts users of all age groups. It is possible to brand your product/services through Instagram pages, sell it through the Facebook Marketplace or even build an online customer base using the Facebook Ads. Advertisements here can vary based on business requirements and can be designed accordingly.

Linkedin Marketing

Linkedin is a B2B social media platform where one can upload their professional details, find companies offering jobs similar to your profile. Create company page, add your business details, let your employees mention the company they work into. It is best to post about your domain, business and achievements or even about new product or service releases. LinkedIn attracts a variety of users who share their personal and business profiles and look for same to their benefit. Thus this is the best platform to build your brand and business reputation in the domain.

Instagram Marketing

Create a business account, post creative images and gain your followers to become an influencer. Instagram is the most widely used application when it comes to youngsters and having an active business display on Instagram rises your stake to the next level.

Twitter Marketing

Tweets are all about latest trends going in and around the country. Major plus point, tweets and links in them are indexed by Google making it useful even for Search Engine Optimization. Your twitter presence decides the vastness of your work. It spreads like news and you get the appropriate amount of attention required to be known in the market. Spread the latest updates to reach a large audience who could become potential customers later.

Tiktok Marketing

Founded in 2012, TikTok is a video-sharing social network service that allows users to create short lip-sync videos, through which users create funny videos, mimic powerful messages or showcase their talents. While being limited to only mobile devices, as per researchers TikTok App has gained around 800 million downloads worldwide. With such a huge number of users, TikTok now emerges with TikTok Advertising i.e. You can now showcase your products and services on TikTok, by creating your TikTok Ads Account

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