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A new form of online advertising/marketing?

The Internet is constantly changing, offering completely new online advertising and marketing strategies and techniques.

Internet Marketing – Viral Marketing

Like a virus, a message in this marketing approach is to spread among Internet surfers, promoting the image and awareness of a brand or company. The SMM uses targeted multipliers, which are well networked on the internet.

For example, in Internet marketing, you receive trial versions of new products or special advertising films with an informative and/or entertaining character.

The product messages, in whatever form, pass on to social media marketing to your contacts on the net, which in turn make their friends and acquaintances on it.

The dissemination of your information and its speed depend heavily on your networking.

Most Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Basic questions and considerations:

What does SMM actually mean?

What is Social media marketing? It is a new form of online marketing that achieves a close link between product, brand, company, and consumer through participation in various social networks. SMM may also be suitable as an interactive ad for your company or target groups.

What are social networks? (Social media)

Social media are platforms/websites that serve to exchange opinions, impressions, and experiences. With these networks, it is possible to attract a large number of readers or viewers and thus potential customers for themselves.

Viewers are encouraged to engage with the post and expand their social network accordingly. These networks are now not only meeting places of many millions of surfers, but they are also now developing as gatekeepers for access to the Internet.

Today’s Internet user no longer searches Google News for breaking news but shows his way through the social network’s timeline with friends and acquaintances. To create your own social media marketing plan must give a look to these plans.

The most important social networks/platforms:


claims to have around 400 million active users around the world, spending an average of about half an hour a day on the network, with 15 pages being accessed.

If you are networked with acquaintances and friends, there is always something to do in the networks: read and comment messages, post messages or blogs, view, and upload pictures, make contacts or follow link recommendations, etc.


Xing is a platform for visualizing the contact network. You can tell about “how many corners” the user knows another. Again, you will find numerous community features, such.

For example, the search for areas of interest with around 27,000 specialist groups and forums. Sensible use of the platform is however subject to a fee.


Twitter is a public journal, which even journalists consider to be the fastest press release in the world. Technically, Twitter messages can be easily maintained and updated worldwide via web pages, mobile phones, desktop applications, web browser plugins (a program that installs in the web browser, such as Firefox) and widgets (a small program that integrates with another program).

Particularly interesting in terms of multiplier effect is the possibility of networking with Facebook paired with a link to a website with the latest news. When an article is published on your homepage, an entry can be made automatically on Twitter and Facebook.


YouTube is a social networking platform for sharing video clips. Users can watch and upload videos for free.

The user can judge the videos and save in favorite list. A well-made video spot of your company can help you here, if necessary, to gain prominence, because with YouTube daily 65,000 movies/clips are uploaded and watched 100 million.

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In addition to the featured social networks, there are others and in the future, there will always be more. To portray everyone here would be beyond the scope of the framework, so only the most important platforms have been described.

By and large, all of these networks are similar but serve different audiences. In our view, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Xing are currently relevant to companies.

For each platform exist so-called apps, which allow maintenance of the social network structure also by mobile phone.

What are the benefits of this type of advertising/marketing?

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What are the goals of the SMM?

What are the most common strategies for SMM?

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