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SEO Link Building and Link Development have taken a major role in having your website rank well in the search engines. Many companies overlook how important it is to have a good link development campaign going for their web site. However, most SEO experts agree that Links pointing to your website accounts for 1/3 of your SEO ranking.

SEO Link Building and Development, also known as Link Popularity, is a term used to describe getting other web sites to link to your web site. The more popular your site is on the World Wide Web, the higher you are placed in the search engines. It is just as in days past when you associated with other businesses at Chamber meetings or local events. The more people knew you or talked about you, the more profitable your business. It is no different from the world wide web. The more people vouch for you, the more credible your website is.  Therefore, the more credible you are, The higher your search engine ranking, the more hits thus leading to greater profits.

What is SEO Link Building and Development?

The concept is not as difficult to understand as some might try to portray. Google, MSN, Yahoo, Apple, and many other search engines are always trying to find ways to provide relevant data to people who search for information through their site. The more your site is mentioned, the more they feel you have offered valuable information, thus a higher rating within their software’s or “bots” as we call them that search the web and categorize all the data. Therefore, the more your web site’s URL is mentioned, the bigger piece of the proverbial pie that you get. Click here for more tips on how to generate traffic.

As there are billions of websites available, Search engine companies have taken it a step further. They measure the quality of the website that referred you to. Let’s say some unethical person tries to “hide their companies “URL” in thousands of websites that all are flooded with 10,000 “Referrals” on each page. These pages only get 5- 10 hits per month because who really wants to sit and read all of those thousands of ads. And then let’s say, your company is listed by someone on Wikipedia. Which one carries more weight? Which site has a stronger reputation or gets more hits? The referral on Wikipedia carries a lot more weight than some unknown hidden website that does not get viewers.

Tips on proper SEO Link Building

More Backlinks. = Greater reputation. = More hits.

Tips on proper SEO Link Building (continued)

Build an online reputation with people who you respect.

More Tips on proper SEO Link Building

Hiring someone to do SEO Link Building and development.

In conclusion, getting SEO done to your web site is necessary. You can do it yourself or hire companies to take the burden for you.  Look into companies that do proper white hat SEO link building and development. It is a powerful way to gain rankings for your web site.  We at Turnkey Web and Marketing take an ethical approach to SEO Link Building and development. Feel free to reach out to us if you have a question or would like a quote.

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