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If you’re in the freelancing business you’ve probably come across the term “search engine optimization” or “SEO”. Maybe you saw it while browsing for jobs or a client asked you if it’s something you’re versed in. However you came across it, if you’re here then you are probably wanting some information on what exactly SEO is.

The idea of SEO is fairly well summed up by its name. Search engine optimization is a marketing skill that uses things like keywords and site building techniques that help make your webpage easier to find on search engines. It involves creating a quality site that is engineered to stand out among the rest in more ways than one. If you want your page to be one of the first to jump out at people on a Google search, this is something you will want to utilize.

Maximizing Site Traffic

Logic says that higher traffic to your website equals more exposure and better income. We all want those things, right? After all, our success rides on those components when it comes to the world of digital marketing.

SEO is a wonderful tool for helping to maximize website traffic. It’s how you get your site to the top of search listings and in front of consumers.

The general idea is that you are competing with other websites to rank higher in search engine algorithms. Formatting your website properly and adding quality content will help give you more points in these algorithms and make your site easier to find.

Quality Matters

There are a lot of aspects that play into SEO and most of them come down to the quality of your site. Search engines like Google want to help users find the best and most trustworthy pages, so you want to create something that can meet those standards.

Creating a site that is user friendly, trustworthy, and that gets good reviews will play into your search engine grading. You won’t be able to just throw something together, add some popular keywords, and then let the site handle itself. Monitoring, updating, and interacting with your page will make a huge difference in the level of success you have with it.

At the end of the day, SEO just means how you go about making your site the best there is and then proving it. Things like web design, writing, customer service, and product quality all play a part in this.

What Happens Without SEO?

We’ve talked about the importance of SEO and what it does. Now let’s take a moment to look at the flip side. What happens to your site if you don’t utilize search engine optimization techniques? While total failure probably isn’t the case, it’s unlikely you would achieve the results you are looking for.

Without SEO, your site won’t necessarily be a huge flop. After all, bits and pieces of this technique will probably filter through regardless whether it’s through writing or parts of your web design. You may not intentionally add in these aspects, but it doesn’t mean they won’t be there.

However, it is likely your success will be limited without fully fleshing out an SEO and marketing plan. You might get some mild traffic, but if your site isn’t being listed at the top of search engines you will be missing out on the majority of viewers. People want the easiest and quickest solution possible. If something great pops up at the top of their search, they’re not going to keep looking. So if your page is listed on page two of their results, they may never even see that it exists.

SEO is a key part of digital marketing and it can be the difference between a small following and becoming a booming, successful company.

SEO and Business

If you are a freelancer or business owner, becoming familiar with search engine optimization will help you go a long way. Most companies are hiring specialists who have this skill and understand its importance. If you’d like to hire an SEO expert, you can do so here.

It doesn’t matter what type of business or industry you’re in either. Whether you specialize in finance, law, medicine, or real estate, SEO will come into play one way or another. It’s a crucial part of online business and is worth taking the time to fully grasp if you have any type of online presence.

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