What is SEO and How It Works? SEO Types, SEO Tutorial 2020

Do you want to know everything about SEO Search Engine Optimization?? then Read this complete guide to SEO.

When you start a new website or blog on any niche, then there is very difficult to get a position on the first page of the SERP, even if you publish content regularly. Your competitors are showing there, instead of you. They are getting a huge amount of organic traffic due to their higher positions in SERP. This is a loss of you, Because;

Now you can think or imagine why you need top position in search engine results?

But now Question is that

The answer is SEO

What is SEO Search Engine Optimization & How it Works?

Definition- SEO Search Engine Optimization is a technique or the process to make a website or web page, search engine optimized to gain or achieve free, natural or organic traffic by getting Higher Position in Search engine results.

To understand that, how SEO Works First you have to need to learn & understand

After that, you can understand the working of SEO. It is the technique to increase the presence and visibility of your site or content on the Internet by Different methods.

SEO has three types-

SEO can be divided into two parts-

How to do SEO – Step by Step Guide

You can hire an SEO expert to do it for your site. I also provide SEO services, but I recommend that you do it yourself. Learn about SEO and understand it & start it. Googles SEO starter guide

Before starting SEO check your Site’s Indexing in Search Engine by Site:domain.com.
If not then submit it to Google for indexing. LINK to submit

To start SEO Search Engine Optimization, you have need keywords related to your niche. Keywords are used to write content & get a position in Search results. Choose keywords according to your niche. For example: if you have a fitness niche site then use keywords related to fitness like as, Fitness Tips, Fitness Bands, Body Exercises. And check monthly search volume, CPC etc. terms, about a keyword before choosing them.

You have to need to use keyword research tools to find keywords. Choose long-tail keywords. There are many tools to do keyword research (free & Paid). But I am recommending you some best tools to find keywords:
Keyword planner by Google
Long Tail Pro

“Content is the king of online market” it is true.

After choosing keywords, write content on them. And use relative keywords about that main keywords.

For example, if you write content on “Google Adsense” then use its LSI or Relative keywords like as Google Adsense approval, Google Adsense Tips, Requirements for Google Adsense etc.

Your content should be free from any error (spelling errors & grammar errors). Use Grammarly tool to check errors. Most importantly, your content must be unique not be plagiarized. It means content should not be copied from any other sources or sites.

Write a well-structured, informative, Descriptive and unique content. Content should be minimum 700-1000+ words. Lengthy content is more SEO friendly. Use media in your content to increase search visibility. Remember one thing; Write for users, not for Search engines

Write an Accurate, descriptive and concise title for your content. It should not be longer than 50 characters with spaces. Use Keywords in-

Meta Tags

meta tags provide information about your site to search engine.write a unique and relative meta description of your content. It should not be longer than 160 characters.

Google statement about meta tags-

Heading Tags

Use Heading tags to highlight & divide your content titles in the heading, subheadings, etc.

Use H1 tag for the content title only, not repeat it. In WordPress, the H1 tag is already in the title so don’t use it. H2 for Subheading & H3 for sub-sub heading and so on.

In WordPress you can use Yoast Seo & Rank Math it will help & guide you to do On-page SEO for your website or webpage.

Official Statement of Google About H1 tags


URL is the address structure of your site. It should be well written, shorter(2-5 words) with the focus-keyword. Use hyphens instead of other symbols.

Image SEO

write image title, caption & alt text to make an image Seo optimized.

Design & Architecture

Your site must be neat & clean designed with proper HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT configuration.  With easily understandable navigation structure. Google looks for quality in your site. So Google uses website load time (page speed) as a factor in ranking. If you have a site that takes very less time to load or open then your rank will be higher in searches. Use the Google page speed checker tool to check your site load time. you can use Pingdom or GTmetrix to check.

Your site should be Mobile friendly. In these days everyone has & use smartphones to search, read and watch something. Mobile users increasing day by day. So make your site is mobile-friendly.

 Social Presence

this is a big factor in ranking. Social media has a great impact on the visibility of your site or content. Your Social reputation (likes, shares, tweets, followers) is counting in the ranking. So you have the need to share your content on social media to increase its social presence & indexing. It also helps to get traffic on your site. So be active on social media and share your content on popular sites like as, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus, Pinterest, etc.

backlinks are one of the most important things to get a higher position in the google ranking. Google checks for your backlinks, backlinks quality etc. to believe in you. Having backlinks from premium sites, it means you & your content are genuine not fraud or spam. So in the result of this trust, you get the higher position.

Submit your site to high PR & your niche related directories, forum, communities etc. it will help you to increase your online presence & indexing as well as get traffic to your site.

Too many submissions can hurt your website rankings. So Don’t Overuse it.

Violation & Spam Penalties-

we can’t talk about SEO without considering the chances of Google penalties. Doing SEO with wrong way or methods and over SEO can penalize your site from SERP. So be careful when doing SEO Search Engine Optimization. Don’t submit site on any site directory and in bulk. Check Alexa rank and quality of that site to submit your site.

Webspam Content Violations

These are the main and basic factors of SEO Search Engine Optimization. SEO is not a big deal you can do it easily if you understand it once. The output may take some time & depends on your requirements. But there is always a risk of Google penalties. Avoid Over & spammy SEO. Keep learn more about SEO search engine optimization & start it for your Site.

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