What is search engine optimization and how does it works?

What is Search Engine Optimization and How does it works?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving visibility of your website in the search engine results page. It is also known as  organic results.

How does SEO work?

Search Engines use bots to crawl pages on websites and collect the information of those pages and put them in an index. When user type a query in search engine, it looks all pages in index and given them relevant results

What is Black hat seo?

Black hat seo refers to performing the activities against the search engine guidelines, to get faster results in the search engine results page. These deceitful  tactics do not give the right results  to the searcher and often end penalties from search engines.

Black hat techniques include

What is white hat seo?

White hat seo refers to performing  the activities to improve the rankings of a website in the search engine results page while maintaining the search engine guidelines. White hat techniques include

What are types of SEO?

On-page SEO:

On-page seo refers to all elements within your own website to get higher rankings and relevant traffic  from the search engines.

On-page factors are

Keyword research:

Before starting the work to your website you need to do analysis of the  keywords which you want to rank for. To do this, you need to keyword research. The main components of research are

You can also use keyword research tools like semrush and Google keyword planner to search keywords. After you find keywords which are best to your business, now you can start to optimize the web pages.

??????????????The title tag is a header title element displaying the summary of your website’s content on the search engine results page. Search engine results page shows the first 50-60 characters of the title tag.

Meta description is an attribute within your meta tag that helps to describe the content of your webpage and it benefits users and search engines.

Header Tags:

Header tags define the headings and subheadings of webpages. Header tags are H1 to H6. H1 header tag defines the main title in the webpage, the H2 tag defines subheading in page. Header tags help search engines to identify the content better.

Internal linking:

Internal links are linking web pages in your website. It helps the users to navigate through the website.


Sitemaps helps to understand the website structure for both users and search engines. There are two types of sitemaps

XML sitemap: designed for crawlers

HTML sitemap: designed for humans

Off-page SEO: 

Off-page seo refers to performing the activities outside the boundaries of the website for getting higher ranking, more relevant traffic  in the search results page.

Link Building:  

The main part of off-page seo is link building. Link building is the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your site. This is also known as external link building. 

The main activities of Off -page seo are

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