What is Google AMP and Is it important for SEO?

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With more people using mobile phones, it is becoming essential to optimize your mobile device website. For Google, it is necessary to optimize the website for your mobile phones. Google catches the pages that load very slowly and have a high bounce rate, and so they will move that page lower in search results.

So google AMP is designed to help with mobile optimization. Google AMP is the best tool for your business website. Websites with google AMP load three times faster than non-amp websites.

What exactly is Google AMP?

Google AMP is an open-source solution to revolutionize mobile content. It is a stripped-down HTML copy of your existing web page’s content, which loads faster than traditional HTML 5 docs.

You can implement AMP pages by merely using the rel-amp HTML tags into your HTML code. AMP removes the need for additional CSS requests.

Why is AMP essential?

Although AMP caching offers better speeds and is likely to be preferred by Google search results, there are some limitations on accepting AMP for your website.

Most importantly, implementing AMP means sacrificing many UX elements on your site. AMP HTML prioritizes efficiency over creativity, for example. More specifically, you forget to display multiple images on your site, but AMP pages only allow one ad tag per page. Also, implementing this code was very difficult before a WordPress plugin.

AMP Loads Page Fast

It sucks to click on a page and then wait for ages for the items to arrange in the right order. You start browsing sections of the page not to be visible when your browser loads the new items below.

Google AMP stops those annoying digital artifacts. Instead of leaving sections like text and images loaded separately, he insisted that the browser render it completely. The user result is nothing and then everything. As soon as the page loads, the time has come: no random layout adjustments affect the user experience.

AMP uses a technology called iFrames to do this. These schemas now allow user-defined JavaScript elements that can affect how up-to-date they are

AMP Decides What Will Load First

Some websites are huge and contain hundreds of images. However, users can’t see all of them simultaneously, so there’s no point loading them all at the same time. It is wise to use the available resources to load the page elements that appear in a browser window and then incrementally load the page elements that the user will most likely need afterward.

Google AMP takes this approach. First, screen elements are prioritized then resources are allocated to ad content only if visible below the fold. In other words, users see the first important content on the page, while AMP uploads the rest to the background as they browse the page. The entire page appears immediately, even if a large area outside the browser window is left blank.

Remember, this is only possible because of layout technology. The browser knows the frame of the page – it only needs to fill in the relevant elements. It is done by tracking the user’s position and entering the appropriate field’s downloaded content as required.

Fonts Download Faster

Non-AMP pages require an HTTP request to start downloading fonts. The browser must first download the appropriate scripts and stylesheets.

However, this is not the case with AMP. Fonts come with everything else because they don’t block HTTP communication. It, in turn, reduces the complexity of the process and improves page loading.

AMP Shifts Image Loading To GPU

Loading images can affect your computer’s processor. The CPU architecture makes these components much better for sequential tasks. However, visual content is more susceptible to parallel processing – the realm of graphics processors.

Therefore, AMP divides the sideload between these two computer components. The CPU does its best – makes pages run faster. And the GPU does the most practical tasks – things like cropping, shrinking, or rotating images. The two components talk to each other when they need additional resources or perform tasks more efficiently.

Helpful for local Seo

As we know nowadays, maximum people use mobile phones for searches on google. The percentage of mobile users in local searches is very high. So someone wants to stay ahead in competition locally, the AMP page implementation is essential for local SEO. It will give a good user experience and increase your ranking in local searches.

AMP Reduces Layout Recalculations

Most web pages consist of several sheets and scripts. Even when you download the traditional carriers, browsers sometimes redirect them because they don’t know how to display everything beforehand.

Here, too, the advantages of AMP for concurrency are advantageous. If all the script elements and dynamic functions work simultaneously, the browser does not need to reconfigure them. AMP reads, understands, and seamlessly applies changes in the background before finally rendering the page.


AMP is beneficial for publishers and plays a crucial role in mobile forward search. However, if you don’t have easy access to implementing AMP with WordPress, you may want to stick to dynamic pages served by responsive design or mobile sites.

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