What do experts say about the importance of social media marketing in SEO?

Social media can be used a very good platform for spreading your brand and increase your online reach. Not everyone understands the true potential of social media marketing websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Understanding the competition, researching and choosing the right keywords and leveraging the power of social media will collectively provide fruitful results for you.

A bitter truth about social media marketing:

There is a lot of debate on how social signals affect the rankings or whether social signals are really a ranking factor. Provided everything that has been said related to social signals and organic ranking boost it is apparent from the video by Matt Cutts that social media signals need not be considered as the real ranking factor.

Many people believe that mere providing social signals to their website or particular web pages impact their organic search engine rankings but this view probably needs a break!

Matt Cutts in this video tells the truth about social media signals:

Well does this mean you need to abandon social media marketing?

Absolutely not!

Now it is the time to leverage the real power of social media marketing that will impact your rankings!

Neil Patel in this article How to Create a Social Media Branding Strategy From Scratch says-

“I would say that social media is an excellent starting point for most businesses to reach their target audience. It’s THE PLACE where consumers share their opinions about brands and interact with them.”

But how can you take advantage of social media marketing that will boost your SEO?

Here’s the deal:

1. Building audience from a large audience base:

We as a digital marketing and creative advertising agency had to understand the potential of the digital media that is already out there. Facebook was started in 2004 and since then it has evolved into a supergiant media platform because of a large number of people who use Facebook. Social media sites like Facebook have a large number of prospects in almost every niche market. They form an integral part of the interest groups on every social media website or platform.

What is the best thing for marketers? 

Marketers have an opportunity to take a look at the discussions on social media and understand the problems or the solutions your target audience is looking for. You as a marketer or a service provider can connect with them and share your proposition with some valuable content. That is how social media is a great platform that can help you grab the attention of the target audience that would otherwise be needed to be done through search engines.

We help our clients in the identification of their niche target audience on social media and create strategies for their social media marketing.

2. A lot of Link Building Opportunities

With social media sharing and creating a brand presence on different social media platforms, you open doors to high domain authority links that can boost your search engine rankings. Note that as I mentioned above that social signals do not directly help in ranking but it serves a great mean to get do-follow links in the long term that is very difficult to do organically.

Whenever you share your valuable content and you get more and more eyeballs and higher are the chances that the influencers in your industry will link out to you. That will be boon for your marketing efforts and that will help you increase your organic rankings. You can also implement influencer marketing with a good social media presence. Take a look at the third point of this Kissmetrics post- 7 Social Media Trends to Watch and Capitalize On in 2018.

 3. Social media helps you establish your brand and improve brand loyalty

“If people believe they share values with a company they will stay loyal to a brand.”

-Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks

Social media marketing helps you establish your business as a brand. The reason for that is quite simple. If you want to achieve success in social media marketing you need active engaged and loyal followers. Sharing quality interactive content creates engagement and brand loyalty really matters if you want to reap long-term benefits from your social media marketing.

In a wider sense: Social Media Marketing = Brand Building

You might be surprised to know that buyers also actually search for products and services on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Their buying decisions are often influenced by the brand equity and strength behind what the company is selling.

The people who engage with your brand on social media also search for your brand on search engines that you get a wider online presence with organic searches. Therefore social branding is actually a long-term SEO strategy. Get to know more on this SearchEngineJournal article 3 Ways a Cohesive Social Media Strategy Can Help Your SEO Efforts.

Final word: 

Olio creative digital agency has been helping clients build brands from scratch by leveraging the power of social media. Most of them are confused with the real impact of social media on their SEO campaigns. We make them understand that if they want to speed up their branding and SEO process social media marketing. Our services have always focused on 360-degree marketing taught by world SEO and Social Media experts like Neil Patel, Jon Loomer, Howard Schultz and many others. SEO is now not a stand-alone. Social media marketing helps SEO like crazy and surprisingly benefits organic rankings of any website. 


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