Vooba | Why Should You Continue Your SEO During A Crisis

Continue to improve your campaigns during this
challenging time.

As anybody who has worked in, or dealt with, Search
Engine Optimisation (SEO) will understand; the successes
are not found overnight. SEO is a long-term strategy
which works to continuously optimise and improve your
website in order to help you to achieve higher rankings
for relevant search terms.

In this time of uncertainty, many businesses are looking
to cut back on immediate costs and so often the
importance of an SEO campaign can be overlooked by other
factors which seem to be of immediate concern. Although
we do understand it may not be feasible for everybody to
continue working full steam ahead on their SEO in this
current climate; we feel that educating all businesses
on the importance of maintaining the success of their
campaigns is vital, to enable you to make well thought
out decisions.

Now is the time to invest in your future.

This quote from the great Henry Ford encompasses much of
what we are striving to achieve right now. SEO campaigns
and even other marketing costs can seem like a quick and
easy thing to cut during times like these, however, in
reality, this will be most likely to hinder your
business success in the long term.

These are difficult times and businesses are being
affected in a multitude of ways; whilst some may be
struggling, for others, it is their time to shine.
During a time of crisis, your marketing becomes more
crucial than ever. How will any potential customers find
you if you’re not getting your name out there?

By cutting your marketing costs now, you not only risk
losing all of the progress you have made on your SEO
campaign so far, but also leave yourself exposed
allowing competing businesses to continue to better
their campaigns and achieve a higher ranking than you –
pushing your business further down the search results
each day. Yet, whilst other businesses are pressing
pause, using this time wisely will help you to get ahead
of the game.

Long and Short Term Strategies

What’s particularly important is to look at your
marketing campaigns in terms of short, medium and long
term objectives. In the short term, things might be
going one of two ways: either your business has slowed
down due to the current situation we find ourselves in,
or you’re suddenly in demand. For supermarkets and other
online retailers of essential products, the latter is
proving to be the case. So in the short term, it might
be that as demand has decreased you might need to claw
back on some of your paid media costs.

However, in the long term, there will come a day in the
not too distant future where business doors will reopen
and the world will return to normality. When this day
comes, you will want your company to be shining through
at the forefront for customers to find. One way of
helping to ensure that your business hits the ground
running when things do pick up again is by continuing to
invest in your SEO.

Why is continuing your SEO so important?

A successful SEO campaign is not built overnight, but by
the ongoing process of optimisation time and time again.
The changes you make today will continue to affect your
business in months or perhaps years to come.

The fact is that, although it might sometimes feel like
it, the world hasn’t come to a halt. Homeowners still
need to hire tradespeople when things inevitably go
wrong. People still need to purchase goods and services.
Money is still changing hands and perhaps most
importantly in this scenario, consumers are still
relying on Google to find people to do business with.

Now is the time for businesses to adapt their existing
campaigns, rather than completely giving up on them, to
suit the current circumstances. We should be taking this
opportunity to find new ways to work and striving to
improve your existing rankings, to help ensure that
you’re able to find your feet much quicker once things
resume as normal.

What if continuing your existing pack isn’t an option?

Here at Vooba, we are here to help and support our
customers through this difficult time. We do understand
that for some businesses, continuing with their existing
SEO pack is simply not an option in this current
climate. For this reason, we are able to offer our
maintenance package to help to maintain your existing
rankings. We will monitor your rankings, keep a close
eye on the competition and take steps to ensure that the
success of your existing campaign is not lost.

If you have any concerns about your business during this
time, our team of experts are on hand to offer any
advice you might need to assist you in putting together
a strategic marketing plan, across all platforms, to
come up with a plan which best fits your business. Give
us a call today on
01798 667167 for a chat
with our team to see how we can help.

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