Vlog Episode #99: Joe Beccalori On What Has Changed In SEO Over The Years

Joe Beccalori is the CEO of Interact Marketing, as you know, first I spoke to his employee Anthony Church and now this conversation is with Joe. Joe lived not far from me back in the day, so that is our non-SEO connection. He first started in web design in 1996, did development and design, then in 2002 came back to marketing in 2002 and then in 2007 started his own firm. We briefly talked about the difference between owning your own company versus working for another company as an employee.

What Has Changed In SEO Over The Years:

We talked a bit about the early days of SEO and directory listings. Including the Yahoo! Directory and the Open Directory Project/DMOZ. So we spoke a bit about what has or has not changed in SEO over the years. Of course, titles and content is important. But now we can no longer see what people are searching for to get to our site, specifically in Google Analytics. This is the not provided change that happened in 2011. Also what changed are the search results page; it is totally different than what it was from a several years ago. The SERP page changes include schema/rich results, local listings, Twitter results, shopping, more ads, and so much more.

He said the value of organic by itself has diminished so now you need to blend your organic with other forms of digital marketing.

This is part one, more to come in part two – so stay tuned!

You can learn more about Joe Beccalori at InteractMarketing.com or on LinkedIn and AverageJoe.tv.

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