Video Marketing Tips We Can Learn from Wistia

Video Marketing Tips We Can Learn from Wistia

Wistia is a video hosting company that serves thousands of businesses of all different sizes and has exceled at finding ways of integrating targeted marketing efforts into their client’s video content. They’ve helped businesses like Squarespace, Samuel Adams, Starbucks, and MailChimp to name a few. That said, there’s a ton we can learn from their approach to video marketing that we can apply to our own strategies. So, let’s take a look at some video marketing tips we can learn from their own approach to video marketing:

  1. Don’t just look for the views. If all we’re looking for are views from our videos, we’ll end up treating the video as the marketing strategy, instead of the video being part of a larger marketing strategy. On the surface, it makes sense: focus on getting more views so you can generate more interest, engagement, etc. But while that approach might be successful in views, it’s a one-sided strategy that lacks depth which could end up costing us in the long run. A successful video is great, but a successful comprehensive marketing strategy is better. Which is why we should…
  1. Use an integrated approach. This is the fundamental lesson that we can learn from Wistia: to integrate our video content as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy. So, instead of using video as solely a top of the funnel tactic, we need to think about our video marketing strategy in terms of the whole marketing funnel, all the way from attracting potential clients at the top, to converting them into a customer at the bottom of the funnel. That means at the top we’ve got video content like webinars, content marketing, in the middle we’ve got educational resources, how-to-videos, videos on our company culture, product launches, and then at the bottom of the funnel there’s full product tours and support videos. But, once again, the videos aren’t living on an island, they should fit as a piece of what we’re doing across the board in our marketing strategy.
  1. Play to the strengths of video content in your marketing strategy. Video content is more than just a way to quickly engage people, but carries with it a bunch of inherent strengths that make it an important marketing medium. Video excels at story-telling, connecting with customers through conveying emotion, and in building trust with a new audience. We should have these strengths in mind when thinking about what’s being communicated in the video content we produce and how a video’s strengths can be used in our overall marketing strategy. So, if part of your marketing strategy is sharing your values with an audience, instead of blasting those values on every piece of marketing imagery, you could instead utilize a video as means to accomplish the same goal in a way that will help a potential client emotionally connect to your values. Video is also an effective way to communicate a large amount of information. While your audience may not read a lengthy blog post about a complicated topic, they’ll probably watch a 3-minute video that contains the same material presented in a different way.
  1. Use your analytics to see what’s working. While this is certainly true of any other marketing tactic, it’s true for video as well, especially when used as part of a comprehensive, integrated marketing strategy. Analytics can not only help us get an accurate view of what our videos are actually accomplishing but they can also give us an idea of how to more effectively use our video content as we keep continually develop and improve our marketing strategies.

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