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video marketing for startups
Digital marketing grows increasingly complex. As professional marketers race to keep up with algorithm changes and consumer trends, smaller brands and startups can often feel overwhelmed by the need for fast-paced, precise digital marketing that could change at any time. However, if there’s one aspect of online marketing that is only growing in both value and popularity, it’s the use of video.

Although text and images should remain at the heart of your digital content, consumers are demanding more video content to satisfy their needs. With the often-limited budgets of startups, the idea of creating a regular video series can be daunting. However, these tips could transform your video output and have a dramatic impact on your marketing results.

Have A Budget (And Know Your Goals)

Money is always tight in a startup environment, and that means being very aware of what you are spending money on when it comes to marketing. Don’t try and go full video marketing for startupsSpielberg, because you will max out your budget very quickly. Start things off with some basic video content and develop it when your profits allow. Make sure that you have clearly identified and measurable goals so that you can highlight the success of your video marketing.

This is at the heart of the modern marketer’s toolbox, and brand storytelling is becoming one of the must-have essentials of online visibility. If you lack the video skills needed to create great video content, look at sites like Upwork or Fiverr to find musicians and editors that can vastly improve your filmed results. Make sure that you:

Don’t forget to consider sound. A well-made video will not have much value if your audience can’t hear what you are saying. Look for ways of making your audio quality better so that your message doesn’t get lost in static or lack of volume.

Video and SEO

Whether you use your video content as part of a PPC campaign or you’re hoping for a more organic exposure, SEO is always critical. Many startup entrepreneurs forget that video can be optimised for search engines. It’s one thing having a video that your audience wants to watch; it’s another thing entirely to convince search engines that people video tips for startupswant to watch your video. Always use your keywords in both the title and the description of the video, make use of tags, and include links to your website and social pages.

Post on the Right Platforms

You’ll probably be tempted to just put your video straight onto YouTube and hope for the best. That’s not going to be enough, and you can give your marketing far more reach if you post on as many platforms as possible. Facebook will reduce your visibility if your post takes users away from their platform, so as well as posting your video to YouTube, load it directly onto Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, too. Pay attention to your audience demographics. If your customers aren’t likely to be on LinkedIn, then don’t focus on it. If your audience spends most of their time on Instagram, then concentrate on that platform.

The demand for video content continues to grow. Videos can give your startup a boost by being both engaging and informative. Get some of the more challenging technical details right, and you might be surprised by the impact that you can have with the right video content. If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine the value of the moving image and what it could be doing to secure your startup’s future.

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