Video Marketing Tips For Social Networks Goals

Showing your business’s personality, creating a connection with your audience, and reflecting your brand’s human side are some of the possibilities that including videos in your networks can offer. Video is a key tool that continues to grow especially in social networks. Thanks to the niche segmentation that these platforms offer, developing a successful content marketing strategy for your ideal audience is more effective. check out these Video marketing tips for social networks goals.

Look around and you will discover that more and more brands are using video to connect with and establish a relationship with their target audience. The question is, are you focusing your efforts on correctly developing this type of strategy? Are social networks essential for your business? The impact of video on social networks in companies is evident.

Why video marketing?

Why is it the key to your business success now? Today, social media users are consuming video content more than before, especially on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. From a business standpoint, social media video content can help brands connect with young audiences on an emotional level, helping you convert more social media users into leads.

If you have properly researched your competitors, you will have seen how they have implemented videos to promote their products, grow their brand, and attract traffic to their website. So why don’t you do it too? The video offers numerous advantages, being the most memorable and most interactive format for the public. Video is undoubtedly the best instrument to attract an increasingly sophisticated audience looking for innovative and quality content.

5  Video marketing tips for social networks goals

1. Share native videos

Sharing videos and engaging with your audience is crucial for platforms like Facebook. However, when doing so, try to upload and share native videos since they are directly published on Facebook instead of publishing links redirecting to other websites. Why? Because native videos have been found to perform better on Facebook than YouTube links, thanks to their organic reach. Active videos are played in the Facebook environment, while YouTube videos are played on an external page, reducing audience interaction with your content from the platform.

2. Share short videos

Create short, quality videos. When done right, these types of videos can help your brand attract the right kind of audience, as well as promote your brand. These videos’ recommended duration should not exceed 60 seconds on platforms such as Instagram and up to 2 minutes on Facebook.

3. The first 10 seconds are vital

In 2000, Microsoft conducted a consumer study where it found that the human attention span has decreased from 12 seconds to 8 seconds, which leads us to advise you to focus on capturing your viewer’s attention in these first 10 seconds of your video. It is also advisable to add subtitles to your videos since possibly your audience, like you, publicly reviews their social networks. The last thing they want is to draw attention to what they are watching.

4. Focus on Telling a Story

Generally, no one likes to be “bombarded” with inappropriate calls or irrelevant television commercials. These strategies are becoming less and less effective for today’s consumers. Today, it’s all about who can tell the best story and thus attract your true audience. That’s right, storytelling has become a powerful new sales pitch that is getting amazing results. And in this new scenario, video is undoubtedly a fundamental element to help us tell better stories. This is called storytelling. It is convenient to include the right tone to provoke the viewer’s desired emotion. A simple, natural, and direct story can have a greater impact than any impersonal video.  So it is essential to create a connection with your audience.

5. Call to Action

Creating video content is all about getting a good return on investment from your marketing efforts on that video. Therefore, you need to have a strong and clear objective calling your audience to action. Because if you’re not encouraging your audience to act, what’s the use of creating video content on social media for your brand? An effective way to create a good call-to-action is to identify the objective or goal you are trying to achieve.

Once you have it clear, it will be easier to carry out the message. For example, if you are looking to convert potential customers into real ones, you need to create content whose action is the purchase, not obtaining contact information. Some examples of this type of call to action can be: Learn more, Sign up now, Book now, or Buy now. If what you are looking for is for your audience to know more about your videos on your website or YouTube channel, you can redirect them through the well-known “See More.”

To sum up

Video on social networks is a great opportunity for you to show your personality and believe in a strong connection with your audience and see your brand’s human side, improving the trust factor. Each brand has something to fight for, and yours too. Go ahead and show people what your brand stands for and who you really are.

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