Video Marketing Tips for Social Media

As everyone knows, posting a video and not getting any likes or comments can be very frustrating, especially if you’ve done your research and have a great video that speaks directly to your target audience. If this has been your experience, then there may be a problem with your marketing strategy. Having a strong video strategy for social media is crucial, so we’ve gathered some tips to help your video succeed on social.

Optimize Your Video

Optimizing your content is an important step to take if you want your video content to rank and reach more people. Host the video on your domain, so that anyone searching for your specific video is aware of your website. 

YouTube is one of the biggest search engines in the world and ensuring your descriptions are optimized and include keywords is important because it tells web spiders what your video is about.

Adding a thumbnail to your video will also help it stand out from other videos as long as it’s crisp, clear, and intriguing. You also want a compelling title that ranks for search terms you are targeting. Including SEO optimization to your video is commonly overlooked, but it will help it rank organically and the meta tags will assist with click-through rates. 

Upload Native Video Content

Native video content performs much better than linking from its source. When people are on social media, they’d rather stay on the platform to view videos and they are more likely to share, comment, and like your videos. Facebook, for example, favors native videos over links and prioritizes them in their algorithm, so you’re likely to get more eyes on your video if you upload it directly. 

Share on All Platforms

Make sure you are posting your video on all of your social platforms. Posting it once isn’t going to get you results, and you want to ensure that your users are aware that you are also active on other platforms as well. 

If you post a video on Facebook, for example, add your other social handles to the post. You may have a great following on Facebook, but maybe not so much on Instagram. If people like your content, they can see that you’re on other platforms and follow you there as well, which is a way to get people to connect with you in other places and start growing your audience for those platforms. 

Tease Your Content

When posting videos, you don’t always need to squeeze all your content into one, thirty-second video. Having an enticing short video is great, but you can also repurpose your long-form content. 

Share a clip or teaser of your video, without giving away too much, and then link to your website or wherever the entire video lives so users can watch the whole thing. Make sure you add a call-to-action at the end that says something like, “Watch the full video on our blog .” Make sure your content is engaging enough so that your audience will want to click through to the website.


Find other companies or brands that are within your same niche and reach out to them for a video collaboration. If you’re a small business, start off with organizations of similar size and then scale up as you grow and partner with influencers or bigger companies that can further expand your reach. 

You don’t have to collaborate with a brand that sells the same things you do. You can collaborate with complementary brands that can help create a lifestyle around your products or services. By collaborating with a brand that complements yours, you can utilize their audience to reach additional people. 


If you’re just starting with video content, don’t give up if you’re not successful overnight. Once you start growing your audience and posting highly relevant content that’s engaging, the views, comments, likes, and shares will come to you with ease. 

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Having a video strategy is important in today’s digital world, but are you really leveraging it as much as possible? Social media keeps changing and video content is driving social media when it comes to user engagement on websites. 

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