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Video marketing is an excellent opportunity for an HVAC company to gain significant traction online. Whether you are looking to build an or whether you just want to make a few videos to entice online users to visit your website, video marketing should be a piece of every heating and cooling company’s marketing plan.

Why invest in video marketing?

Videos are more engaging than a block of text and they give you the opportunity to present a personal, concise message, out of the mouth of a real person to every single person who visits your website. This makes it one of the most efficient ways to get your message in front of potential clients.

It is also one of the best ways to make sure that the message you are delivering is consistent. Instead of a hundred agents giving slightly different pitches each time they talk to a prospect, you will have one carefully constructed video that gives the perfect pitch, every single time.

It’s a common misconception that video marketing has to be expensive. You don’t have to hire a big studio to produce your videos. Many smartphones today now have extremely high quality cameras, which allow you to record and even edit right on your device.

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Video Marketing Tips for HVAC Companies

If you’re ready to start video marketing, here are a few tips that will help you create the perfect videos for your HVAC company:

Record honest client feedback

There is nothing better at convert a prospect than the recommendation of a satisfied customer. If you know that you have clients that are satisfied with your service, this is a perfect opportunity to start building out your video profile.

Recording clients can be as easy as setting up a camera in your office and asking those that have already provided you with positive feedback to come in and sit for a short interview or statement. Prepare a few questions beforehand whose answers will help to assuage any doubts potential clients might have.

For example, here are a few questions to ask your clients to get you started:

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No one knows more about your company than the people who work for it. Giving them an opportunity to talk about why they joined your company, why they continue to work there, and your commitment to great customer service is the ideal way to give your company a human face. No one wants to do business with a nameless, faceless corporation.

They want to give their money to real people. These types of videos, that use your own employees to represent your company, can be highly effective for showing the actual people a client would be working with if they were to give you their business.

Record seminars or talks

If your managers often give seminars about topics related to your product offerings, start recording them. Even an iPhone on a stand can be high enough quality to post to your website or YouTube channel. The benefit of these types of videos is two-fold:

Answer frequently asked questions

While you might already have a FAQ page on your website, videos can still be a great addition to this page. Keep in mind that most people take to the internet to look for answers to their questions before they call an HVAC company to ask that question.

Making and posting videos provides you an opportunity to answer their question and build authority with that question-asker, before they ever call you. Which questions should you answer? Start with the questions that you hear at least once a week. Once you’ve answered those, start on the questions you hear once a month.

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Make the most out of SEO

Search algorithms are starting to favor visual content. You’ll notice this when you search for something on Google—there will be at least one video result in the top half of the page, above the fold, for almost every single search. are the perfect place to build out your SEO and to include a high quality back link to your website. Include your other contact information not just in the video, but in the description, too. This will make it much, much easier for people to get a hold of you, after they’ve watched and been impressed by your video.

Create how-to videos

One of the best types of videos an HVAC company can create are how-to videos, especially if they are highly relevant to common issues that your target audience may experience.

For example, if hurricane season is coming up, making videos about how to prepare your air conditioning units for a hurricane will be highly informative for the viewer and great marketing for your company (and, bonus: They’ll show how much you care about your customers). These are easy videos to make and are likely to get a fair amount of traffic, if you create and post them at the right time of year.

The bottom line is, you want to be video marketing. You need to be creating content that speaks to your target audience, and that is positioning your brand as the industry expert.

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