Video has been an important part of marketing for a while now, but it’s become even more of a super star in the past few years. Facebook’s Europe VP their whole platform will be based around video by 2021.

Think social media can’t help your business? Well, keep in mind that Youtube is the second largest search engine around, just after Google!

So no matter what, if you want to have an online presence (and trust us, you do!) then you need to make video a major facet of your marketing strategy.

And luckily, video marketing has never been more accessible to the average SMB owner. Of course, a professionally made video will almost always impress your audience more than a DIY version, but if you follow our tips and tricks, you can make a striking video on your own!

First Thing’s First: The Equipment

Before you can get started on your DIY video marketing, you’re going to need some tools. Luckily, there’s not too many, they’re all available online, and you probably already own the most important one!

The most important part of making a video for your company is, of course, the camera! And you probably have a great camera in your pocket right now. That’s right, we’re talking about your iPhone!

These days, iPhones have amazing 4k cameras, are easy to use, and readily available. No need to go find a fancy camera to make your marketing video. Just grab your phone!

If you’re shooting a demo video or an interview, you’re going to need a . You can either opt for a bigger standing tripod or go with a smaller desk version. What you decide on totally depends on what video you’re going to make. Either way, tripods give you a still, stable, crisp picture with better framing—totally worth the small investment.

If you’re recording any type of sound, you’re going to need an . Sure, your phone has a microphone in it, but have you ever listened to a video you took at a concert? It’s not the greatest sound quality. For a next level video, make sure to grab a microphone or two to get some sweet sound bites.

If you want to get really fancy with it (or if you will be filming in a time and place where natural light isn’t available), then you’ll need some . A bright, well-lit video really makes you stand out from shabbier DIY versions.

Now is the fun part—filming!

First you have to decide what type of video you’re going to be filming. Will it be a product demo to show people how great your product is and how to use it? Or a testimonial from a happy customer? Maybe you want to record a big event or show off your brand. Whatever it is, take the following tips that apply most and use them to make a killer vid!

Clear out your phone’s storage as much as possible. Videos can take up a lot of space, and you don’t want to run out of space in the middle of filming! Clean out your photo and video storage, and don’t forget to empty out the “recently deleted” file. Get rid of any apps you don’t use, too. That way you can film without worrying you’re going to get the dreaded “running out of space” notification.

Tip #2

Get off the grid! When you’re filming you don’t want your phone’s notifications going off every five minutes. The buzz or chime will be in the video and make things a lot less professional looking. While you’re filming, put your phone on Do Not Disturb (just press the little moon button on your swipe-up settings page).

Tip #3

Say bye bye to zoom. It doesn’t make your video look good, just blurry. If you need to get a close-up shot, just get closer to whatever it is you want to shoot.

Tip #4

Use all that equipment we recommended. Your mic, your lighting, and your tripod. Your hands will never be as steady as a tripod, your fluorescent office lighting will never look as good as natural lighting (or faux natural lighting, anyway), and your phone’s mic will never be able to block out ambient noise like a real microphone. All these things can be bought for relatives cheap, and they make a HUGE difference.

Tip #5

Film horizontally. This is the one thing that can make the biggest difference in your video quality. People watch videos horizontally, whether it’s on their phone, computer, or tablet. To make your video look the best on their screens, you need to film horizontally. It gives you a much more professional look, and you’ll end up with a better quality picture in the end.

Post Production

After you’ve got your video all filmed, all you have left to do is edit. This is when you want to move from your iPhone to your computer. iPhone has some cool tools and apps you can use like, but it’ll be easier to fine-tune the images from your video on a computer. Try iMovie or Adobe Premiere Pro to add sound, captions, and color-correct. This will all bring your video to the next level.

See, it’s not that hard!

DIY video marketing is totally within your grasp. As long as you have an iPhone with a decent camera, you should be well on your way to making an awesome video for your SMB!

Want to learn more about how video marketing can work together with marketing automation to bring in big ROI?

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