Venture 4th Media LLC: Technical SEO Manager

We operate a portfolio of 65+ niche specific branded media properties. Our specialty is incubating content brand concepts from scratch and growing them to significance!

We leverage organic search discovery platforms such as Google, Pinterest, Quora, and Facebook to drive traffic to our sites and monetize via programmatic advertising, performance marketing (affiliate), and lead generation activities.

Having established a successful playbook for expert content production and topical modeling, we are looking for a Technical SEO Specialist to help identify SEO opportunities and manage our on-page SEO processes.

We are looking for an experienced Technical SEO expert to help us scope and design our SEO best practices SOP, conduct site audits, and develop optimization plans.

Technical SEO Manager reports directly to C-Suite team (CEO and COO).

We have exposure to many different verticals, so if you love varied work (never a dull moment), we would love you on our team!

Role Overview


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