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SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 14 October 2019 – Rebranding from
SEO Agency that was the domain expert in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) since
2011, First Page Digital takes a step
out of its pigeon hole in June 2018 to become a holistic digital marketing solutions
provider. There is no turning back ever since. The versatile team of quirky and
talented digital gurus have seen on average over five times the returns for
their clients and an internal business growth of a whopping 160% in less than a

Helping clients
make it big in the search engines sure does put the money in the pockets for
these tech wizards. A peek into their win-win strategy is worth the hit.

Branding done right: your
value proposition matters

Why only depend
on SEO when you can also pay to create awareness (read: Google ads)? How
about creating conversations with more than three-quarters of Singaporeans scrolling
on social media and drive these enlightened souls to your website?

If clients want
to rank… and continue to rank in the digital sphere that never stops
evolving, relying on a single solution limits success. Customer experience is
changing with multi-faceted digital innovations, so efforts to score brownie
points from the audience’s chocolate jar requires a diverse strategy to stay relevant.

First Page Digital
knows this too well.

Now offering a
suite of digital marketing solutions which include search engine monetisation,
social media and content marketing campaigns on top of their industry-leading
SEO techniques, the team has been digging gold.

First Page
Digital taps on the needs of their market and delivers strong and convincing marketing
solutions for clients who do not want to drown in the digital sea of
competition. Indeed, that is what the brand is all about: Without straying too
far from their SEO roots, they expand their digital footprint and continue
ranking clients on the first page of search engines.

The results do
show — 60% of First Page Digital’s clients signed a multi-channel marketing
campaign — instead of only SEO — which have delivered stellar returns!

Taking cues
from First Page Digital Hong Kong’s branding efforts, the strategy is also a step
closer to potentially consolidating global offices in Thailand, Australia and
in the Middle East under the same First Page Digital brand — it comes to no
surprise should this firm become the next big competitor in the network of the
world’s leading integrated digital agencies.

Introducing the brand to clients:
keep their trust and walk the talk

When First Page
Digital took the reins, all clients were notified via an EDM and a follow-up
call by their dedicated account managers to reassure them of positive changes
from then on with no organisational or restructuring changes.

It is not
uncommon for clients to feel a little edgy when introduced to a new brand by
their marketing agency.

Wait, what?

Did it merge
with another company?

Was this agency
not doing well?

I thought they
were good — was I wrong to think so?

Is this new
company going to last? Am I going to be left hanging?

The clients cannot
be blamed — of course, handing over a bulk of their marketing efforts to an
external party puts them in a vulnerable position because… they could lose this
paid expertise anytime. The responsibility thus lies in the agency itself.

The solution:
be honest and transparent.

It is not that
difficult, even when there is a need to admit that “if it is our fault, it is
our fault and we will never give excuses for it”. That’s exactly what Shane
Liuw, the new General Manager, wrote to a client who was apprehensive of the

In a detailed
email, Shane revealed to the client that while SEO Agency had been doing
very well, top management found it necessary to offer a holistic digital
marketing delivery that is more aligned to customer’s needs. This also means optimal
customer service and making sure that clients feel and see the value of their

So should the
ball drop on client communication, admit it and take actions even if that
requires the need to remove services that have caused customers distressed simply
because you are just bad at it.

“If we do not
show clients that we are not afraid to admit our mistakes, we cannot gain their
trust — we have to walk the talk,” Shane quips. “That’s why we train our AMs to
ditch the fluff and work transparently.”

Exciting the employees: engage,
engage and engage

A determined
and talented team is at the heart of a successful agency, so a rebrand needs to
also be in line with employees’ growth needs.

A disengaged
employee is a speed bump to your journey to success. When you have multiple
speed bumps, a rebrand will be slow to bring value.

First Page Digital
has been training its team of diverse talents on understanding the
technicalities of different omni-channel solutions, even beyond what is
expected of their role. Speak to a content producer and she will be able to
tell you some best practices for LinkedIn marketing. Ask a sales strategist for
a recommended Google Ads budget and he’d be able to calculate a rough estimate
for the pitch.

Learning never
ends at First Page Digital according to Shane, and this motivates the team to
truly deliver value and results for clients. Instead of being siloed into
providing SEO solutions, this rebrand offers opportunities for the team to
challenge themselves and grow — a key factor in employee retention.

here is really open and people help each other so teamwork here is actually
pretty incredible,” he says. “I don’t want my team to suffer inside. If they
have concerns, they are free to voice them out so that we can prevent the problem
from ballooning out of control.”

Shane has
enjoyed 14 months of no staff turnover [instead the team doubled in size],
something unheard of in an agency.

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