Ubersuggest Review: The Only SEO Tool You’ll Ever Need

Digital marketing newbies tend to have some common misconceptions :

  • Search engine optimization is tough.
  • Finding the right keywords is a tedious task.
  • Free keyword research tools don’t offer enough data.

If this is how you feel about SEO, that you’ve probably haven’t met Ubersuggest.

Ubersuggest provides you with pretty much everything you need to give your website’s ranking a boost. Best part? The core product is 100% free. This means you can find keyword suggestions and analyze your website’s SEO performance without spending a buck.

What is Ubersuggest?

Ubersuggest is a freemium SEO tool that provides in-depth information about keywords and websites. You can check overall monthly traffic, top pages, and keywords of any website.

For keywords, Ubersuggest shows monthly search volume, the expected number of clicks you can get, and related search terms. It also allows you to conduct a site audit and backlink analysis.

What can you do with Ubersuggest?

You can find which keywords to use, check your site’s SEO performance, and discover issues in it.

Here’s a little more detail about everything you can do with Ubersuggest:

  • Check the last twelve month’s organic traffic for any website. Find how many backlinks a site has and determine its domain score.
  • Find the top-performing keywords and pages of any website.
  • Check monthly search volume, SEO difficulty, paid difficulty, and CPC for any keyword.
  • Find keywords ideas. It shows related keywords, question keywords, prepositions, and comparison keywords.
  • Generate content ideas related to your seed keyword.
  • Conduct a site audit to determine if there are any issues in your technical or on-page SEO.
  • Check the backlink profile of any website.

How to Use Ubersuggest?

This is my favorite part! Ubersuggest is exceptionally user-friendly. All you have to do is enter a keyword or a URL just like you do in Google, and the tool will return with every information you will ever need to do SEO.

Let’s take an example.

Consider, you want to see the keyword data for the term “shoes.”  Visit Ubersuggest and enter the keyword in the tool. You will then see something like this.

It contains the average monthly search volume, SD, PD, and CPC. It also shows how many mobile users vs. desktop users are searching for your target keyword.

As you scroll down, you will see how many people click on the search results (both organic and paid) and what age groups are searching for it.

Scroll down even more, and you will find keyword ideas. You can check question keywords, prepositions, and comparisons by clicking on the tab beside “keyword ideas.”

For domain analysis, simply enter your or your competitor’s URL, and the tool will return with an overview of it. It includes the total number of organic keywords a website has, its organic monthly traffic, domain score, and the number of backlinks.

You can also check how many keywords the website is ranking for and at what position.

It also shows the top pages and keywords of the website. You can filter it by location, check the average position, search volume, and estimated visits.

To analyze your website’s SEO, click on “Site Audit” on the left-hand side menu. It categorizes the issues based on its impact on your website’s SEO. Make sure to go with the critical errors first as they have the most influence on your site’s SEO.

To analyze a website’s backlink profile, click on the “Backlinks” below site audit. The tool will show you the number of inbound links along with the number of referring domains.

You can also check backlinks over time. This is extremely helpful as if it shows a rapid increase in the number in recent months, it indicates that the website owner is focusing heavily on building links.

As you scroll down, you can see which websites are linking to your target website and to which pages. It also contains additional details, such as the domain score of the linking website, page score, link type, and anchor text.

Key Reasons to Use Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest provides all the basic stuff needed for you to optimize your website for search engines.

Here’s why you should be using Ubersuggest:

  • The core product is 100% free: You won’t have to pay for all the essential information that you might need to do SEO. From keyword research to site audit and backlink analysis, everything is free of cost.
  • Find highly relevant keywords: You can find all the relevant keywords related to the topic. From long-tail to short-tail and question keywords, you will get plenty of ideas. You can see competition, volume, devices, and age-group of searchers to better inform your keyword strategy.
  • Generate content ideas: It is challenging to develop content that resonates the best with your target audience. Ubersuggest makes it easier for you by displaying the top-performing content for your desired keywords.
  • Analyze Competitors: With Ubersuggest, you can find how much traffic your competitors are getting, their top pages, and keywords. You can also check who is linking to their website. This allows you to find backlink opportunities as someone linking to them might link to your site.
  • All information in one place: There are individual tools for different tasks, such as keyword research, backlink analysis, competitor research, etc. However, it might be overwhelming to switch between apps to gather the data you need. Ubersuggest has all of these features, and you can find the necessary information in minimal time.
  • Affordable plans: As your business grows, you might need to do more comprehensive research and generate more reports each day. Unlike other SEO tools in the market that charge hundreds of dollars just to create a few reports every day, Ubersuggest has affordable plans, starting from $29.

Ubersuggest Pricing

As mentioned above, most of the features of Ubersuggest are free. So you don’t need to pay a penny to get the basic information related to any keyword or your website.

However, if you need to generate 100 or more reports each day or wish to track over 300 keywords, you will need to pick a premium plan.

There are three types of plans in Ubersuggest:

  • Individual: $29/month
  • Business: $49/month
  • Enterprise or agency: $99/month

The major difference in these plans is the number of keywords you can track, reports you can generate, and pages crawled per report.

The biggest advantage of the premium version is the SEO training and support. Irrespective of which plan you choose, you will get:

  • Detailed step-by-step direction on how to increase your website’s traffic
  • Worksheets and templates
  • Biweekly coaching calls (where the Ubersuggest team and Neil Patel will answer your questions)
  • Email support, in case you have any questions.

Verdict: Is Ubersuggest Worth the Time and Money?

In a nutshell, Ubersuggest is one of the best SEO tools in the market. It is beginner-friendly and doesn’t require you to have prior knowledge of the software. Since it is a freemium tool, it is extremely helpful if you are getting started with SEO or bootstrapping. In my opinion, Ubersuggest is definitely worth trying if you haven’t done so.

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