Twitter SEO: 05 Tested Tips that gets you Followers (Faster)

Do you have a Twitter account? Of course, you do. And I know you wonder how to get more followers on it. Remember that feeling when some profiles appear just out of a blue moon but have over 5k followers! What makes their handles reach the audiences like you? It is their Twitter SEO- something you may not even notice.
Twitter and Google made an agreement on 4th February to make the 140-characters long tweet more searchable. But on 14th May 2015, Google expanded its full access to Twitter- meaning, they made all the tweets available on desktop search results.
The number of Twitter profiles has increased a lot. As a result, Google now indexes 466% more tweets than before. But they are still very selective in prioritizing which tweets to index. One needs to enhance their social presence to get on Google’s first page. It is where Twitter SEO exactly comes into play.
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Twitter SEO Tips for Growing your Account 

Enough beating around the bush, let’s get into the topic already. Here is a cheat sheet for enhancing your Twitter reach among the potential audience in your niche:

1. Use Proper Keywords 

Do you know what a keyword is? They are a set of words that improve your searchability on any platform. Now, we all know how to search for a specific type of content on Twitter- using hashtags. In short, hashtags work as keywords on Twitter.
Now, there are two ways to rank your profile using a hashtag:
1. Discover the trending hashtags on Twitter by visiting Explore> Trending page, then draft a tweet accordingly.
Twitter Trending Page
2. Find a high search volume and low competition keyword belonging to your niche on Google and use it as a hashtag.
There are various tools like ahrefs, SEM Rush, etc. that let you explore the best keywords on Google. But you can do so organically, as well. Here is how:
➜ Type any word and look at the suggestions Google gives. These are the keywords with a high search volume.
about results. Choose the keyword that has lesser results- meaning, it would have a lower competition.
Also, try creating longer threads every once in a while. This way, you get to use multiple keywords multiple times. Plus, you can tag other users in the thread, and it doesn’t look spammy at all.

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2. Optimize your Bio/Meta Description 

Google regularly indexes your Twitter bio, as it acts like your meta description. Although it is not a ranking factor for Google, it is one of the most crucial things that decide what impression you give to your profile visitors at first glance. Talk about yourself in a third person in the description. It makes your introduction sound more captivating.
Keep in mind that using hashtags or keywords on meta description won’t help much in your Twitter SEO. It is because the trending hashtags changes every hour, plus twitter doesn’t consider trending profiles based on their meta description, but somewhat based on their tweets.
Why worry about the description, then? It is because people seldom click on your profile and scroll down to check your tweets. Users generally hover over a user handle, read the description, and decide if to follow the handle or not. Therefore, make sure you utilize the provided 160 characters to explain what tweets your followers may expect from your profile.

3. Engage with other Handles 

It doesn’t matter how well you optimize your account- you can never enhance your profile reach if you don’t stay active on the platform. Twitter is more of a discussion forum and less of a social media site, and thus, it does not promote dead profiles at all.
Tweet, retweet, like follow, message, unfollow, etc. with your profile. Try to keep your engagement as high as possible. This way, you will appear more on the Twitter feed in front of the people who belong to your niche. The more you appear in front of their eyes, the more handles follow you.
Well, as I already mentioned above, Twitter is more of an automation platform. One needs to be REALLY active on it to increase engagement. Want to save time and still manage to stay more involved with your audience? You can use tools like Socinator to do so on your behalf.

Here is How To Auto Retweet On Twitter Using Socinator 

4. SEO Optimize your Profile 

If you optimize your Twitter profile, it will provide you with long-term searchability. Keep your handle and username consistent across all of your social media handles, and avoid using numbers or else it might seem spammy to Google.
However, don’t change the names too much, or else you may confuse your pre-existing followers base. Make slight changes, and try to use your name or handle as an alt text in your profile picture. In short, rename your profile picture before uploading it.
Add relevant CTAs to your bio. It increases your account credibility. Linking to your website, blog, social media links, etc. is one easy way to do so. Also, use @mentions as they are clickable words. So you can link directly to the companies you work with and improve your account findability.
In case you are willing to link to your company’s website, try linking to their home page. Make sure the website also links back to your Twitter account at some point. Mutual linking brings more credibility, reliability, and more valuable traffic to your channel.

5. Retweets Double Your Traffic 

I know, I know. I have already talked about how important it is to keep your profile engagement high. But I want to stress the fact that retweets are way more important than any other social signal! The way you can expand your reach using retweets or RTs is insane!
As a matter of fact, it is totally well-seen to ask for RTs on Twitter, unlike other social media channels. So, never hold back from asking people for it! Maybe, get into their DMs, in case they are your friends. (Don’t get blocked, though. Please)
When someone retweets your content, you get random profile visitors from their followers base. So if people from your niche start retweeting from your profile, it is a good sign that you will begin getting exponentially more traffic in no time.
You must have observed a lot of memes regarding people asking for RTs continually. Now you know why.
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Wrapping It Up!

It was not very long ago that folks regarded Twitter to be a platform for professionals and seldom tweeted their own thoughts. But Twitter has recently outgrown this reputation and has become one of the most popular social media platforms.
Mark your social presence on this platform by enhancing and optimizing your account, as I have mentioned above. While Twitter SEO might sound complicated, it’s actually nothing but a piece of cake for all! You only need to walk the right lane.
What next? Try to implement all the strategies mentioned above, and let me know which one worked the best for you. Any suggestions? Have a doubt? Let me know in the comments below!

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