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Website marketing. Search engine optimization. SEO. Internet marketing. Search Engine Marketing. It’s called a lot of things, but it all comes down to getting your website in front of the right people and making the sale. Go Web Solutions will help you increase the Quantity and Quality of your Website Traffic with our search engine optimization services. We start with very basic Tucson SEO keywords and go all the way up to national level keywords. Tucson SEO Tune Up

SEO Tune Up – Basic Site Optimization

This package is fantastic for branding and customer referrals. How often do you research a service or product online before you buy it? Customers go to search engines more than any other media source in order to research potential services and products. Every day approximately 21% of all consumers go to search engines to research products or services. When a customer types “Your Business” into Google it’s vital to be there. With our SEO Tune Up package customers will quickly find your business on the first page of Google.


$499 one time setup fee
If your business information is not available online, the customer loses trust and may choose another company’s service or product.  Get your business noticed today by using our SEO Tune Up Package.

Starter SEO Package – Best for Local Businesses

Approximately 20% of all monthly searches are for local businesses according to Google, the world’s largest search engine.  Our standard Search Engine Optimization package is highly effective for companies who do local or regional business.  We target up to 5 specific local keywords to help new customers find you.  Example: You have a internet marketing business and your customer’s type in “Tucson SEO” into Google.  Our goal is to make your website number one for related searches.  We use top of the line research and analytical tools to make sure we target the best keywords possible.


$499 setup, $199/month
How much are new customers worth to you? By ranking for the right keywords we can significantly increase leads and revenue for any business.  We will specifically target local areas to keep the work in your backyard.  Let us help your customers find you.

Standard SEO Package – Best for Local and National Businesses

The truth is 75% of all users never scroll past the first page on search engines such as Google or Yahoo. Our comprehensive package is for businesses who wish to market their product or service nationally. We will extensively research 15 lucrative keywords to help generate the most revenue possible for your business.  We do weekly search engine optimization and link building to ensure your business skyrockets to the top of Google.


$499 setup, $499 month
How much money could your business make if your website had thousands of potential customers a day? The general answer is, a lot. The Internet is one of the biggest market shares available, let’s get your piece of the pie today.

Advanced SEO Package – Best for Business Growth and Expansion

Want to compete with the big boys of the Internet?  Well then, We have the right package for you.  With our comprehensive SEO package we build HUNDREDS of links a month pointing directly at your website. This includes only links we view as  useful such as social bookmarking, web 2.0 website creation, article submission and directory submission.  We don’t inflate our link building so we can charge you more money for links like other companies.


$499 setup, $1299/month
The fact is, most of your  big competitors that are number one on Google are paying for SEO services. If you want a part of the huge money pot known as the Internet, it’s time to compete with our top of the line Comprehensive SEO package.

Comprehensive SEO Package

The first result on Google gets approximately 40% of all search traffic. Everything after the first result gets significantly less until finally nothing at all. Who wants to be second best? This package is for the company owner who wants to be the best in everything they do. We will give you the most powerful link building strategy with years of experience behind it. This package allows us to invest a significant amount of time in your website building thousands of links monthly, writing multiple original articles, book marking your website, blog posts, directory submissions and more, resulting in THOUSANDS of new monthly links to your website. The result? Huge increases in your search engine rankings.

How does it feel to be number one on Google for your industry? Well now is your chance to find out.

$499 setup, $2499/month

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