Top SEO Tips for Successful Website Promotion in 2017

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! Happy Chanukah! Happy Kwanza! Happy Festivus! And Happy New Year from the entire staff here at Moore Than SEO!

No matter how you celebrate the holiday season, this is the perfect time to regroup and dive into successful website promotion strategies to get ahead of your competition in the New Year.

Our gift to you is…drumroll please…Our New Years top SEO Tips! This list is designed to increase brand awareness of your company across the internet.

1. Stay current on Google analytics trends.

What keeps your website in good favor with Google, and what can cause your website to drop off the first page of search engine results? Find out about Google’s cast of characters and the latest Penguin update. Review your present site and make corrections to avoid Google penalties, and take note of how to skirt penalties before launching a new site.

2. Take the temperature of your present online competitive climate.

Know how your business can create a niche in your industry. This measurement of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT assessment) is the starting line for low and high tech SEO alike. Even if you completed a SWOT assessment this year, check your business climate again to lay claim of your product niche for the New Year.

3. Create or update your buyer personas to remain relevant to your customers.

Your customers’ wants, needs, and regular hang-outs change according to your industry’s competitive climate. Having an understanding of your target customers, beyond simple demographics, helps you target content to attract them to buy. Use our Developing Buyer Personas DIY Worksheet to improve online engagement, and thus, improve your website rankings.

4. Get to work using our 5 Fast and Easy SEO Growth Hacks.

Have you installed Google Analytics on your website? Are you regularly refreshing META information for each of your pages? Are links to your social media profiles integrated throughout your site? Is your site free of duplicate content? Is your location and contact info plainly visible throughout your website? If this is all new to you, or you’re just getting started with your new website, download our free white paper to get SEO right the first time.

5. Refresh your content.

Double-check to ensure your website content is not duplicated elsewhere on the internet, or duplicated within you’re the pages on your website (use copyscape.com to check your web page content for free). Duplicate content has a negative impact on your website’s performance in search engine rankings. Update your content to make it fresh and unique. Not a writer? Use our tips for online writing and formatting. Create content that leads your target customers to your website, delivering a visible digital identity for your company, your products, and your services.

These five steps form the launching pad for improved SEO results in the New Year.

It’s a lot of material to digest. No wonder savvy business owners elect to turn to SEO experts to avoid taking missteps and incurring Google penalties. We’re here to help. Our SEO team steers you in the right direction, creating a sound online reputation for your brand. Our goal is to drive your target customers to your website where you can close the sale.

Get started with successful web promotion in 2017 and beyond. Contact our SEO experts today for a free website health assessment, and give us a call at 559-978-4096 to discuss your SEO goals for the New Year. We look forward to hearing from you!

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