Top 5 Social Media Marketing Resources to Grow Your Brand

Social media marketing is no longer an option for brands. It has evolved as a necessity for interacting with potential customers. Social media management has evolved as a complex and multi-faceted role that assists the company to meet its highest goals.

Social media marketing does not mean posting content on to business pages on social media. There are a host of daily activities that have to be performed for which a lot of resources are required. Discovering these resources and tools will go a long way in making your social media marketing successful. There are a number of useful resources available for social media marketing.

Here are Top 5 Social Media Marketing Resources to Grow Your Brand.

Top 1 Resource: Blogs

Social media marketing has been changing ever since its inception. It has become very important to keep abreast of new developments in social media marketing. There are inventions such as the new algorithms, new social media features, new strategies, new social media platforms to name a few. But how in the world is it possible to keep a track of these changes and educate yourselves on the emerging trends and strategies? Business owners and social media managers need to consistently keep themselves updated on the latest changes in the social media world.

It is here that the blogs come into picture as an important resource for social media marketing. Blogs are critical to keep social media managers up-to-date with the latest news and discussions on the common forums. Blogs provide information on latest technology that makes the life of a social media manager easy. Blogs are an important resource to learn on various topics of interest relating to social media marketing.

Some of the blogs that can be an important resource for you is listed down.

Top 2 Resource: In-House Staff

There is one important strategy that is growing, and that is getting the in-house staff engaged with social media marketing activities.

According to some research studies,

Employees have 5x more reach than corporate accounts.

It is also true that people trust recommendations from friends, family, colleagues over other forms of marketing. The social connections of your employees can actually drive web traffic and amplify brand visibility on social media.

It is important that the company share the company’s goals with socially active staff. The company can adopt an employee advocacy program that encourages staff to share brand updates on their social media. Starbucks is a good example for this where its own employees do lots of social media activities such as tweeting and posting and reposting.

Top 3 Resource: Social Media Management Tools

As business grows, managing social media and its numerous activities goes beyond manual effort. If you are managing too many social media profiles, then jumping from one to another to track conversations, to post content and to engage with the audience become a never- ending nightmare if you are doing this manually.

With the ever-evolving social media platforms, high demanding role and customers seeking attention on social media, maintaining a balance on social media marketing has emerged as one of the biggest challenges for a social media marketer.

This is why the social media management tools come as a handy resource for every social media manager.

 is an intelligent social media management assistant, which identifies important tasks and performs these tasks automatically. Identifying trending stories, retweeting content, suggesting influencers and followers, and much more.

Top 4 Resource: Visual Content

There is no doubt that a social media marketer has to discover numerous ways to catch the attention of his social media audience by implementing the most innovative and creative ways. Visual content is emerging as the best solution for catching the attention of social media audience.

Did you know that eyes can process 36,000 visual messages per hour!! Quite impressive, right?

Visuals can be processed faster and better to produce a stronger reaction when compared to any other type of content. Visuals influence the retention of the information and there by user engagement.

With visuals, you can condense a whole lot of information into a beautiful image that tell a story by itself.

Visual resources can be in the form on infographics, videos, images, gifs and presentations. Not every visual have same effect. An image in a particular place such as the blog banner evokes different reaction compared to the video on Youtube. Use visuals wisely and at appropriate places to enhance the social media engagement.

Top 5 Resource: Social Media Analytical Tools

Social media data offers insights into how your social media audience interacts with your brand and with your competitors. Social media analytics or social media metrics is gaining huge importance with brands as an important resource for monitoring and examining social media performance.

Social media analytical tools can bring a lot of difference by monitoring performance across many social media platforms. Checking the performance of your social media posts and comparing it with other similar posts can be an impossible task for a social media manager if all this has to be done manually. Hence the analytical tools come handy.

Brands can use social media analytical tools to analyze each action on social media such as likes, comments, tweets, retweets and of course to measure big social media campaigns.

There are many social media analytical tools such as the , , and that can be used for social media monitoring, allowing your business to analyze and utilize business conversations from across the social web.

Social media marketing is all about being able to acquire new skills and gather resources that help to implement the strategies. As a social media manager, you should have knowledge of useful blogs, videos, social media management tools and templates that can improve your social media marketing. Upgrade yourselves with all the wealth of resources that is available out there to make your social media marketing a huge success.

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