Top 25+ Social Media Marketing Tips and Updates for 2019

As freelancers owning their time, we know you’re busy managing clients and prioritizing your day. From social media media marketing tips to the industry’s latest reports, we’re compiling recent news for you to review and digest in this week’s #ContentRadar. The beginning of Q4 kicked off with conferences, platform updates and feature announcements.

As freelancers, our investment in professional development maintains our knowledge of industry updates while networking with peers and industry leaders. This weekly curated #ContentRadar features the latest news, trends and topics that will be beneficial to you.

Social media marketing changes day by day. We curate the most noteworthy items each month to help keep your game on. | #ContentMarketing

Here are 25+ social media marketing tips to keep your game on top in 2019 and 2020:

MarketingProfs B2B conference recap

1. MarketingProfs B2B conference recap

The highly respected MarketingProfs B2B Conference recently concluded at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center, from Oct. 16-18.

Marketing experts and leaders traveled from across the east coast, sharing best practices and compelling insights that make us all better marketers and content creators.

Here are three compelling themes from the conference:

  • Powerful marketing encompasses the human experience, not the transaction of meeting an objective. Many industry leaders re-enforced the importance of keeping your clients and customers first through the value of implementing a feedback loop. It’s one thing to gather the sentiment of your audience, but it’s another to incorporate the feedback into your marketing strategy.
  • Influencer marketing from a B2B perspective still requires personalized relationship management. When we think of influencer marketing, we automatically apply the impact to B2C marketing initiatives, but it’s undoubtedly applicable (and powerful) for B2B strategies as well. Your influencers are your brand advocates that can help amplify the reach of your message.
  • When done right and with care, a long-term content strategy can secure lasting relationships. From the comeback of email newsletters to strategic marketing campaigns, ensuring a holistic, always-on approach to your marketing efforts will not only increase your growth but sustain it. (10/18/19)

Did you miss the #MPB2B conference this month? There are three compelling themes from the conference that you should consider. #MarketingProfs | #Marketing | @AltimeseNichole

LinkedIn incorporates events into the platform experience

2. LinkedIn incorporates events into the platform experience.

As the most powerful professional networking tool, LinkedIn recently released a new feature that allows users to create, manage and track professional gatherings directly from the platform. The events tab is now available for users to create their own events and manage all event happenings directly from its page.

The event can be open to the public or accessible to a select group on the platform. There is no option for discovering local events in your area (yet), but personalized invitations will appear in the My Network section of your profile. (10/15/19)

Facebook makes a commitment to improving how it measures organic page impressions

3. Facebook makes a commitment to improving how it measures organic page impressions.

For a few years, social media advertisers have seen a steady decrease in the value and performance of organic content. Sure, we can figure out all the unique hacks and tricks to make organic posts effective for the Facebook and Instagram platforms, but it’s a known fact: organic content can only reach 1-3 percent of your page fan base. This harsh reality requires advertisers, including small business owners, to “pay to play” for true conversion.

As Facebook updated its advertising algorithm, there was minimal attention to organic performance — until now. According to a recent update announced by Facebook, the company is shortening the time-frame by which it calculates the metric, which updates the organic impressions to align with the methodology it uses for paid performance. This change will allow organic content to maintain comparable metrics to the sponsored (or paid) content for a business page.

Freelancer focus: Organic content will see a slight shift with impressions, which are the number of times a person views your content. This update may or may not improve your engagement rate, but it’s a step in the right direction of leveling the playing field for business marketing regardless of your budget size (or lack thereof). These changes will reflect within the upcoming weeks.

Facebook commits to improving organic content’s metric calculations. #ContentRadar | #SocialMediaMarketing | @AltimeseNichole

Facebook hosts 'Boost with Facebook' Holiday Bootcamp Edition in New York City

4. Facebook hosts ‘Boost with Facebook’ Holiday Bootcamp Edition in New York City.

Boost with Facebook is an open forum community initiative geared toward small business owners, entrepreneurs and non-profits for networking and receiving best practices tips and success stories from businesses utilizing the Facebook family of apps (Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp). All events are free and open to the public!

The latest event, held in New York City, speaks directly to Holiday Planning and campaigns. During the session, Facebook announced new product releases, including Instagram Stories Creative Templates, which allows you to upload copy and creative through. Facebook also announced updates to the Facebook Page Inbox for a better communication experience with customers.

Watch one of the sessions during the New York Community Boost event here.

If you’re interested in learning about future events, you can review them and sign up here. (10/10/19)

Facebook is testing a dedicated feed for news in the U.S.

5. Facebook is testing a dedicated feed for news in the U.S.

In lieu of the political season and the platform’s issue with misleading news content, Facebook recently announced that it’s testing a dedicated feed for news for U.S.-based users.

According to the press release, the new feed will have key features to help make Facebook News valuable:

  • Today’s Stories chosen by a team of journalists to catch you up on the news throughout the day
  • Personalization based on the news you read, share and follow so that you can find new interests and topics and Facebook News is fresh and interesting every time you open it
  • Topic sections to dive deeper into business, entertainment, health, science & tech and sports
  • Your Subscriptions, a section for people who have linked their paid news subscriptions to their Facebook account
  • Controls to hide articles, topics and publishers you don’t want to see

For marketers and advertisers on the platform, this feed will not be available for ad placements. If the new feature takes off, it is a possibility that this decision may change, especially considering advertisers recently gained access to users searching content through the Search Results Feature

instagram video tips and tricks

6. Tips and tricks for Instagram video creators.

With only nine posts and over 18.8K followers, Instagram’s newest handle titled @creators is a “place for creators… to get inspired and up [their] game on Instagram. 👋” It looks like it is becoming a platform that will be designated to users that are looking to create more videos, perhaps as a YouTube substitute or maybe even a replacement in the near future.

Additionally, this platform provides a bunch of wonderful hints, tricks and stats “like pointing out that 60% of people listen to stories on the platform with the sound on.” According to Sprout Social, video posts receive 38% more engagement than image posts, which pushes the type of content that is being published out on the platform.

The @creators app offers tips specifically targeted towards video creators. Looking forward to seeing higher engagement on Instagram and more video features being rolled out. (9/30/19)

pinterest adds dark mode to reduce eye strain

7. The never-ending scrolling and pinning of inspiration on your Pinterest feed.

Pinterest has made scrolling on your feeds a daytime and nighttime binge. This new update will display the usual Pinterest Pins from a white background to a black, dark menu background, which will allow you to Pin endlessly when your phone’s dark mode is activated.

Not only will the dark background help conserve your phone’s battery life, but you will not have to strain your eyes while scrolling through your feed at night while in bed. “The network says that an increasing number of users browse the app at the end of the day — supported by statistics like the 474% increase in searches for relaxing videos and 77% for calming phone backgrounds.”

What great community management, and listening to fan feedback from Pinterest! Gotta love Pinterest for the newest update that they are rolling out, which should increase the platform’s engagement in the upcoming months. Want to figure out how to turn on the Pinterest dark mode? They provided instructions: here. (9/30/2019)

Pinterest in dark mode.

reese witherspoon asks son to help her join tiktok

8. Tik to the Tok to the tikkity tok.

Whether you have seen or created your own, TikTok has become a short-form, popular and trendy video platform that has become one of the top downloaded mobile apps. “The video platform hit 1 billion downloads worldwide in February.”

The newest video sensation is the public swooning over Reese Witherspoon and her son, Deacon Phillipe’s video on Instagram asking him what the platform is, and if he can help her create her very own first TikTok video. Not only is it hilarious, but absolutely endearing. What are your thoughts on the platform, and have you created a stream of your own TikTok videos? (9/29/2019)

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Reese Witherspoon (@reesewitherspoon) on

google gives love to podcast social media news

9. Google is giving podcasts a lot more love.

Do you often ask your friends what podcasts they listen to? Or do you search for new shows on your Spotify playlist before your commute to work? They have probably always been on your radar, but Google is finally giving podcasts a little bit more love on their SERP (search engine results page).

What does it mean for podcasters or people who are just starting their own podcast? As of the first week of August, “Google has announced that it will now highlight links to individual podcast episodes within relevant search queries, adding more potential brand-building value to the rising practice.”

If you’re currently housing podcasts on your website, will this change your SEO ranking? Currently, Google can detect certain words within podcasts, which means that as Google works to perfect its software and algorithms, podcasts will become more valuable for SEO.

Google is diligently working on helping podcasters build their audiences and grow their businesses, and will “soon add the ability for publishers to specify where you can listen to their podcasts, such as other apps or websites.

This means [listeners will] be able to discover podcasts that may be exclusively available by purchase or subscription.” If you are looking into expanding your content into the realm of podcasts, now is a great time to start. (8/9/2019)

instagram adds desktop publishing

10. Desktop publishing and a new messaging app for Instagram arrives.

The time has finally come. You can finally publish posts on Instagram via desktop from Facebook Creator Studio. We have all been eagerly waiting for the day when we can publish posts to Instagram without the limitations of third-party apps or natively on our phones.

Who else has struggled with scrolling through your gallery of thousands of photos on your mobile device to find the right one to post on Instagram?

“To use the feature, you’ll need to have an Instagram Business account that is linked to a Facebook page.” Within the Creator Studio dashboard, you simply click the Instagram logo and then you can post, schedule, manage and even upload a carousel of images to your Instagram and IGTV posts.

If you haven’t already connected your Instagram account in Creator Studio, head over there now and start streamlining your Instagram content. I believe there will be a lot more content that is generated and published on Instagram in the upcoming months with the ease of Facebook’s newest Creator Studio update. (8/3/2019)

Facebook is working on Instagram’s new messaging app called Threads. Similar to mobile app notifications on your phone, the app provides you with automatic updates on your friends’ statuses, from “location, speed, [to] even phone battery life.”

With continuous backlash regarding Facebook’s privacy and security issues, users will need to opt into automatic status updates. There is not a set date on the launch date for the app; however, it is taking on very similar features like Snapchat. These functionalities have already been included in the popular live stories app. (8/26/2019)

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twitter is making it easier to search within DMs

11. Twitter makes it easier to initiate a conversation.

Twitter is working on improving its DM (direct message) capabilities with its newest update. If you are looking to connect with a follower and can’t seem to relocate your conversation, Twitter is adding a search bar option for DMs, which makes it easier to sift through your Twitter “inbox.”

Why now? Similar to FB messenger and Instagram DMs, Twitter wants you to have more personal conversations through direct messages. It will be interesting to see if you’ll be receiving more direct ads in your Twitter inbox in the next couple of months as Twitter continues to develop the functionalities. (8/14/2019)

instagram is testing hiding likes

12. Instagram is continuing the test of hiding likes.

We have all heard about Instagram’s new anti-bullying initiative, but in their recent efforts to showcase their “war on bullying” they have launched two new features: “comment warnings and a restrict option.” Additionally, Instagram is still moving forward with testing out the latest update of hiding “likes” in six more countries. The six countries that are currently affected include Ireland, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand, in addition to Canada (being one of the first locations where this feature was tested).

The initial reasoning for hiding likes, according to Instagram was “because [they] want your followers to focus on the photos and videos you share, not how many likes they get.” However, there is definitely more to the story that might be contributing to their efforts of ensuring that bullying comes to a halt on their platform. More to come on this issue. (7/16/2019)

youtube netflix coming to streaming tesla red lights

13. The next cause for car accidents or the coolest thing yet?

Do you love streaming videos and binging on Netflix? Now you can in the comfort of your Tesla! Elon Musk has tweeted that he’s looking into the capabilities for streaming YouTube and Netflix from his vehicles.

Sounds slightly hazardous, especially when distracted driving is already a huge concern! You might be wondering what the benefits might be?

Imagine being stuck in traffic after a long day at work, or waiting to pick up your child at school, or maybe even waiting in the parking lot for your spouse as they shop at the supermarket — the option to start watching your favorite show while you’re waiting is pretty neat!

Musk is pushing for this video streaming capability as self-driving cars are on the horizon and “drivers” need to pass their time as they’re being escorted from point A to point B. (7/27/2019)

According to a Capgemini report, “70 percent of highly emotionally engaged consumers spend twice as much or more on brands they feel loyal to, compared to only 49 percent of the not-so-emotionally-engaged ones.”

Utilize the power of emotional engagement to connect with your customers and turn them into loyal fans. (5/22/19)

youtube subscriber counts

14. Does the quantity of subscribers affect YouTubers? It just might with their recent update.

So much of social media is all about the number of subscribers you have, or maybe it’s not? YouTube’s most recent rollout is hoping to consolidate your subscriber list and make a more consistent number count of your subscribers across all devices: mobile and desktop.

By August of this year, YouTube creators with less than 1,000 subscribers will be able to see their full subscriber count, but for all those with more than 1,000 subscribers, their count will be abbreviated on a scale.

Who will this affect? Both YouTube creators, as well as, third party analytics and tracking sites that help pull in your followers/subscribers to provide you your social rank. “With this sliding scale, YouTube creators with more subscribers will find it more challenging to get a higher count displayed in public.”

The overall sentiment regarding this change has been negative, yet YouTube is still moving forward with this plan in order to create consistency for all creators, users and third parties. (5/23/19)

15. Instagram rolls out new quiz sticker integration and ‘join chat’ function.

With 500 million active users, Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms. It is no surprise that the platform frequently rolls out new stickers and fun interactive features that allow users and brands to actively engage with their followers via stories.

Instagram’s newest sticker roll-out allows users to quiz their followers to see how well they know the people they are following. You can list up to four multiple-choice answers for your fans to choose from.

How does this benefit you as a brand or freelance writer? It’s simple: Most people like answering multiple-choice quizzes. It’s a great way for followers to learn about people behind their favorite accounts, while also engaging with them on a personal level.

Additionally, the platform will allow users to communicate more effectively with each other. Instagram is looking to add a Join Chat sticker, which would enable followers and viewers currently watching a story to initiate a private DM (Direct Message) directly from the story.

What are the benefits of this function? Similar to Facebook Messenger, Instagram is focusing on driving additional traffic to DM, which creates more opportunities for engagement with your fans. Utilizing these tools allows you to create more interactive, engaging content for your current and growing list of followers. (4/24/2019)

Instagram has created in-app purchase features for e-commerce brands and influencers.

16. Instagram has created in-app purchase features for e-commerce brands and influencers.

For brands looking to sell more products and participate in influencer marketing, Instagram is the platform for you. Instagram is rolling out a new update that allows users to purchase products within the app in order to help cut down on follower questions such as, “Where can I buy this?” or “How much is this item?” This new tool will be tested with some of the app’s top influencers.

(Hmmm, I wonder what will happen with the swipe up feature to purchase items on e-commerce landing pages. Will the CTR (Click-Through-Rate) drop tremendously if consumers are able to purchase within the app itself?)

“Creators will also receive additional insights with shopping posts, such as engagements and shopping insights,” which will help brands understand which products sell best. This might be the next transition from an e-commerce website to Instagram purchases. Stay tuned for more updates. (5/1/2019)

Is swiping left and right the new “like” on Twitter?

17. Is swiping left and right the new “like” on Twitter?

This past month, Twitter released a new function on their prototype app twttr to test out the methods of “liking” a tweet. Using the popular swipe right and left usability on other apps, Twitter wanted to see if their followers would respond to the new function.

There were definite reservations that it might be a little confusing; however, the platform is hoping that with a simple swipe engagement will increase on Twitter posts. It will be interesting to see if Twitter will implement this new function and whether it will help increase engagement for brands who are looking to publish more content on the platform. (4/29/2019)

18. Twitter begins testing new user experience — sans engagements.

Now that Twitter has released its prototype application — twttr — to an initial group of testers, some interesting information about its functionality is being shared. Perhaps one of the biggest departures from the classic Twitter experience is the fact that twttr does not showcase hearts, retweets, or replies in the main feed.

One must tap or click the tweet to see associated engagements. It should be clear that this (and the other adjustments) are all still being tested and evaluated. iOS users can apply to beta test the twttr experience. (3/13/19)

19. Instagram is exploring a video-scrubbing feature.

Even those who love Instagram have likely found themselves desiring to fast-forward or rewind videos. Up to this point, that has not been an option.

However, it now looks like Instagram has started to test a scrubbing feature that allows users to move videos forward and backward. Instagram has provided no word if it will do more testing of the scrubbing feature or if it will make the feature universally available.

Some predict the inclusion of this new functionality means that Instagram may increase video length to longer than 60 seconds. See the feature in action here. (3/27/19)

20. Facebook explains to users why they see specific posts.

Figuring out the Facebook news feed has always been tricky — but this has been especially true in the last year or so since Facebook started to put a greater emphasis on building personal connections.

In a move to be more transparent (or perhaps because Facebook just feels sorry for us), the company has made it easier than ever for users to better understand why they see the content they are seeing.

Users can click on the dropdown menu on the right-hand corner of a post and select “Why am I seeing this post?” Upon selecting this option, Facebook shares with you some of the past interactions you have had that make you a candidate to receive the content in question. Watch this video to see Facebook explain it. (3/31/2019)

21. Messenger rolls out message replies to global audiences.

Facebook Messenger is trying to simplify how people converse with one another, especially in group conversations in the app. Messenger users now can choose any item that has been communicated anywhere in a one-on-one or group chat and comment specifically on that item.

This feature allows Messenger users to develop mini conversations with one another among the larger group conversation.

To respond to a specific piece of content in Messenger, a user will long-press on text, an image, a GIF, emoji or video, then press the “reply” icon to share a response. If Messenger updates are intriguing to you, check out our advice on how you can utilize chatbots to improve your marketing efforts. (3/21/2019)

22. Facebook introduces new Watch Party experience.

Although the Facebook Watch Party functionality was first developed to facilitate allowing people to watch more video content inside of the app, the development team has expanded the usage of the app to allow people to hold watch parties that focus on content appearing on live television.

As Facebook tests this functionality, it is starting with sports events. Party hosts will be able to choose a sporting event, then Facebook will provide the score and other updates while those in the watch party react to what they are watching on live TV. (3/13/2019)

23. The future of Facebook is private messaging.

What’s new: Perhaps the writing has been on the wall for some time already, but Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed what many social media insiders have been anticipating—the future of Facebook looks like it may not include the news feed.

In fact, Zuckerberg shared on Facebook that he believes “the future of communication will increasingly shift to private, encrypted services where people can be confident what they say to each other stays secure and their messages and content won’t stick around forever.” (3/6/19)

Freelancer focus: Any adjustment by Facebook could play a significant role in how the content you develop needs to be created. If the delivery of the content becomes one-to-one, you may need to think more about creating spall audience groups to reach individuals.

24. Twitter may allow you to hide replies to your tweets.

What’s new: In coming months, Twitter will begin testing a new tool that allows users to hide replies to their tweets that they don’t want showing up as part of a conversation. Currently, account owners only have the ability to block or mute commenters. Hiding replies allows for a softer response from account owners, while still allowing them to have some freedom in how comments on the account are moderated. (3/1/19)

Freelancer focus: If you use your Twitter feed to showcase work to potential clients, this tool may be helpful for helping client reviewers focus on the comments on your tweets as a whole—rather than get stuck on a few random tweets that may not be representative of the larger conversation.

25. Instagram looks to release ‘Watch Party’-esque feature.

What’s new: An Instagram user has observed in the wild a new tool that would make watching videos with your friends in a direct message. Presumably, the feature would be most useful for helping Instagram promote content from its IGTV feed. (3/8/19)

Freelancer focus: Instagram is said to be struggling to get people to its IGTV feed and this seems to be an opportunity to get more people there. When the tool rolls out, it may be worth your while to become an early adopter and see if you can use the tool to connect with potential clients or current readers.

26. Twitter introduces ‘Timing is Everything’ tool.

What’s new: Twitter’s new “Timing is Everything” tool allows account owners to not only know when their followers are on Twitter—but it also allows them to see when these same followers are watching videos. Twitter hopes the tool provides content creators actionable information to help pinpoint the times when intended audiences might be most likely to engage with video tweets. (3/6/19)

Freelancer focus: If you are creating videos for clients or for external audiences, this feature can be a great tool to help you identify the times when you will be most likely to reach them.

Social Media Marketing Tips for Freelancers and Content Strategists

27. Facebook and Instagram direct messages now will be in the same inbox.

What’s new: Instead of switching back and forth between your Facebook and Instagram apps to answer questions or respond to feedback from people who follow your accounts, you now can respond to Instagram direct messages within your inbox on Facebook. (2/7/19)

Freelancer focus: If you have a professional Facebook or Instagram account set up to collect feedback about the work you do, then this tool will be a helpful addition to allow you to stay on top of the messages being shared with you. The new functionality also allows you to more easily stay in touch with potential clients who want to reach out through Facebook and/or Instagram.

Social Media Tips for Freelancers and Content Strategists: Instagram expands direct messages.

28. Instagram looks to expand direct messages to the web.

What’s new: After making direct messages a major part of its web app, Instagram is now looking for an opportunity to allow users to send and receive direct messages on the web. Instagram’s web and mobile direct messaging service has been seen in the wild, though Instagram has been mum on its plans. (2/13/19)

Freelancer focus: Assuming you do most of your freelance writing on a desktop or laptop and you correspond with clients through Instagram Direct Messages, having the ability to correspond while you are writing on the same device you use for writing may be advantageous. It’s not a game-changer, but it’s a nice addition.

29. Facebook is addressing privacy concerns. At the most recent F8 conference, Mark Zuckerberg stated, “Privacy gives us the freedom to be ourselves.” He hopes to achieve this through the following six steps: “encryption, private interactions, safety, reducing permanence, secure data storage, and interoperability” for Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and more. (5/4/2019)

30. Twitter is looking to make it easier for users to upload photos and videos to the platform. In a current test, the company has started to roll out Twitter News Camera, which will allow users to add color overlays to live videos, recorded videos and photos. Users can also add location tags. (2/14/19)

31. LinkedIn has announced a beta launch of its live video service: LinkedIn Live. Though the platform is a little later to the game than most other social players, it hopes it will stand out from others thanks to its desire to feature livestream videos that have a higher production value than videos you might find on other platforms.  (2/11/19)

32. Facebook announced a smattering of . One of the features, a text formatting tool, allows admins to create posts that have block quotes, bulleted lists and even larger text. Another tool allows admins to let users know why they were muted, had a pending post declined or had a comment removed. (2/12/19)

33. Pinterest’s Promoted Pins can now be accessed via mobile. Not only is Pinterest allowing businesses to start advertising on mobile, but they are also making “campaign controls and editing options available via the mobile app, as well as performance metrics, including advertising spend, remaining campaign duration, impressions, clicks, click-through rate and saves.” (7/26/2019)

34. A new, quicker way to find restaurants locally. Yelp is working on improving its searchability with new business highlights. This allows restaurants to choose short phrases (i.e. “Vegan-Friendly, “Dog-Friendly,” or “Outdoor/Patio Seating”) to make it even easier for users to find what they are looking for. (6/25/2019)

35. LinkedIn now allows you to react to posts with different emotions. Similar to Facebook’s reaction icons that pop-up when you hover over the “like” button, LinkedIn has expanded its options with the following reactions: Like, Celebrate, Love, Insightful, and Curious. (5/22/2019)

36. Facebook is looking into creating a crypto-currency by the end of the year. First bitcoin, now Facebook? Facebook’s plan is to create a digital currency that will offer individuals a safe, secure and affordable way to make payment transactions, whether you have a bank account or not. (5/24/2019)

37. Another algorithm change? Yes, but it’s for LinkedIn and it just might help your B2B profile. LinkedIn has made changes to prioritize professional content with some customized call-to-action buttons, which include: Contact Us, Learn More, Sign Up, Register and Visit Website. (6/28/2019)

38. A new way to capture video content on Instagram. Have you spent hours editing, cutting and shot-listing how to create stop motion videos? Cut down on the time with Instagram’s newest video story feature. (6/23/2019)

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