Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Local SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial for all small businesses, whether it operates locally or national level. Local SEO appears on SERPs within a specific region, while national SEO emphasizes country-wide rankings. Using this strategy, you will be able to market your services, products, and brand to local customers. Local SEO optimization helps derive more site traffic, leads as well as increased conversions. To know how to improve local seo organically, you can follow the given-below techniques.

Top 10 valuable Local SEO Tips

  • Google My Business Account: An effective way to gain more visibility and enjoy higher site rankings on Google Maps is to optimize Google listing. You need to associate your business profile with the ‘Google My-Business Account’ dashboard. Your Business Profile should have all crucial information appearing in Google Maps, Search Knowledge Panel, and local results.
  • Local events or news stories: You need to come up with an authoring content, something that provides information on any local issue. It can help catch potential customer attention. To know how to improve local seo with this tip, you need to write posts on local events, activities and news stories.
  • Voice Search optimization: The future is more about Voice search. Hence, in local SEO, you need to optimize how queries will be asked. It should be more voice-based than text. Long-tail keywords are likely to be used more for voice search. Hence, SEO content should be adjusted to fit perfectly the conversational tone.
  • Focus on local keywords: Selected keywords need to be local customer relevant. You can access Google’s Keyword Planner to filter location-based keyword searches on popular search terms. You can also use targeted locally relevant keywords. It should appear in your site’s URL’s, copy and Meta content.
  • Location-Specific or Location Pages ‘About Us’ Page: In case, you operate in multiple regions, then Location Pages are an absolute must. The pages should have the following:
    • Name, contact details, address
    • Store hours
    • Promotions
    • Testimonials
    • Individualized descriptions
    • Google Maps for every location page
    • Parking availability
  • Webpage dedicated to every service/product offered: You should not put all information about your products/services on just a single big page. Rather, every unique product/service offered should be present on individual pages. If you operate from multi-locations and do not deal with products/services, then for every page, use a location-based copy.

With time, Local SEO has only become all the more crucial. Moreover, SEO changes happen periodically. New features are often introduced by Google for local searches in its SERPs. Hence, you need to know how to improve local seo the right way to boost your site rankings.

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