Top 10 Video Marketing Tips most viewed on YouTube on marketing videos

These marketing videos on YouTube are all categorized by most views.

Kate Cooper on the Secrets of Food Marketing

Marketing Strategies summarized below for each video:​

  • Change your name – How to rebrand (rebranding)
  • Know your main consumer, your target consumer, your target market
  • Be romantic with your marketing – presentation is key
  • Everyone believes what they read
  • Use the right words and focus the conversation
  • Use the language of innovation, positive and progress
  • YOU, you are the secret of marketing.

Although this a comedic skit, there are many marketing insights.

  • Even if it’s boring, make it exciting!
  • Sales and Marketing are intertwined
  • Sex sells, Pharmaceutical reps are often attractive
  • Cross vertical marketing taking one use and applying it to other segments
  • The Happy horney skinny drug described to doctors
  • Customer centric marketing referring doctors to talk to other doctors

Pharmaceutical marketing and advertising by John Oliver

John Oliver on Multilevel Marketing  Companies MLM Comedic Skit

  • You buy through distributors friends, family, coworkers.
  • 36 Billion Dollars in the US was made
  • Distributors make monies in 2 ways, sell more products and recruiting
  • People selling people they commonly point to their founder for messaging.
  • They dangle prizes, flashy cars, and incredible traveling, quit your job
  • Celebrity marketing having famous people endorse your product.
  • In MLM everyone says, “I am a product of the product”
  • Market to everyone, make your funnel wide
  • Genders have an affinity toward certain colors
  • ​Colors can be Psychological
  • Whether it’s superheros or princesses focus on the outcome “Buy”.

Children have the truest wisdom, this is Riley on Marketing.

Star Wars Marketing (in German)

  • marketing slogans and USP “Unique Selling Proposition” are important
  • Marketing tools save you time and effort, this video is a great example that 
  • Viral marketing can happen. 
  • Comedic marketing works, this video now has over 5 million views.
  • There is always a leader in marketing meetings “Darth Vadar”.
  • Give away free stuff, people love free stuff.
  • Use a “Mascot” or an “Icon” in your marketing and branding.
  • Funny and comedic commercials go viral more than any other kind.
  • Appeal to your market’s affinity
  • If it’s not broke don’t fix it, when something is working let it work.
  • All of these marketing fail’s teach us a major lesson, it is better to fail than to do nothing.Fail forward fast toward success!

Top marketing fails of all time.

The 10 most misleading marketing tactics videos of all time.

  • The power of big words marketing, FREE, SYSTEM, LOVE…
  • Leverage the power of pictures in your marketing and advertising.
  • ​Tell the truth in your marketing or their could be consequences.
  • ​”As seen on TV” or relate yourself to other big names and tap into their branding.
  • ​Time based marketing by rewinding or fastforwarding time to show the result.
  • Results sales marketing for example follow this “Proven Formula”
  • Shock effect in marketing, “Shock your audience in the first moments of your video.
  • Relate to your end user, your viewer.
  • Be funny in your marketing, again viralability.
  • Engaging background and enviornment.
  • Music that engages your audience and keeps it interesting.
  • Use embedded commands in your video “Download your app”
  • Call to action at the end. Tell them where or what to do.

Adobe Marketing Cloud review of their “Snakebite commercial video”

Morgan Spurlock “The Greatest TED talk (Movie) ever sold” review

  • Morgan Spurlock “The Greatest TED talk ever sold” review
  • Get your product out and seen to as many people as you can in the world
  • Get a buzz going, a movement happening around your product or service.
  • Be “Transparent” for real, in reality transparent. It’s risky but do it.T
  • Tell “Your Story” the big media agencies don’t want to tell the story.
  • There’s 3 sides to every story. Your story, my story, and the real story.
  • Know your brand, create your brand, BE YOUR BRAND.Your brand personality, your brand identity, what is it?
  • Take Risks, Embrace Fear, Embrace Transparency!
  • Capture curiousity, keep your audience engaged.
  • Big sounds, awesome music, the power of audio with marketing.
  • Aha, moments. Wow your audience.
  • Marketing interrupts.The power of interrupting.
  • Suspense, 10,9,8… What will happen next?
  • Shock, again the shock factor combined with laughter (funny). It works.
  • Call to action at the end tell people what to do. “Learn More.”

Adobe Marketing Cloud Review “The Launch Commercial”

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