Three Inevitable Services From A SEO Company

If knowing how to apply the best SEO writing techniques in your blogs is one of the biggest questions you have, here we give you the most important SEO writing tips for bloggers.

Define the topic and keyword:

There are SEO tools that help you choose the best keywords to write your texts.

Tip: keywords with a higher number of searches are interesting because it means that a lot of people are looking for that specific thing.

Long-tail keywords are very useful for anyone who wants something more specific – and thinking about that when choosing your keywords is super important.

While you are writing, repeat the keyword a few times, write its variants to energize the text, and avoid it sounding repetitive.

Analyze the doubts of the target audience through the keyword:

When do you Google something and come across a text? What do you hope to find in the course of its lines?

It’s that simple: answers to your questions.

Therefore, when writing a text for the web, keep in mind that the target audience is looking for answers to solve their problems.

Divide your text into topics:

Remember how many times you stopped consuming content when you came across an infinite text.

You don’t even know where to start. And, if for any reason you interrupt reading, it is difficult to know where you stopped.

The topics serve as a guide. But the structure alone is not enough – these must be created analytically, according to what people are looking for in relation to the topic.

Use at least 2000 words per text:

Google’s search tools interpret a text with a greater number of words as more complete and delve deeper into the subject.

Texts with these characteristics are more inclined to appear on the first page.

ATTENTION: Do not fill the sheet with anything. It is better if the text is long, yes, it is true, but write what makes sense for the topic you chose.

We hope these tips suggested by S4G2 Marketing Agency will be helpful.

As you may already know, Google updates its algorithm very frequently, thus changing the search engine ranking criteria.

In the following article, you will find the most relevant points that will be a trend in 2020, and that will take your website to the top of the search engine.

Voice Search and Search Intent:

The trend continues to show a growth rate with respect to voice searches.

Statistics currently show that 20% of searches made from a mobile device are voice searches. It is expected that, during 2020, the number of voice purchase processes will increase considerably, reaching almost 50%. If you are concerned about the SEO of your website, you should not go indifferent to such information.

Creating relevant content about a specific area of ​​knowledge will make us meet the desired expertise. Generate highly valuable content that is taken into account by Google’s quality raters in web positioning.

Mobile First and User Experience:

We are already in a position to affirm that Google prioritizes mobile indexing over desktop. And this has a great impact and influence on web positioning. This trend reveals that today in the creation of websites, the layout is created directly for the mobile version.

At S4G2 Marketing Agency, we want to be honest with you, the new battlefield is mobile and who does not know it is losing a lot of traffic and therefore also sales!

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