This is how we beat SEJ and Yoast in SEO

This is what we learned by beating the strongest players in our niche, namely, Search Engine Journal and Yoast in a search term that in theory should be impossible for us to top – “SEO word count”

The best part comes here: You can do the same!

Here’s how we did it:

To be able to beat such a tough competition, it requires that your content is quality.

And the most important thing comes here -> Build some highly relevant backlinks that can support your content.
As you can see in the picture there are not hundreds of links a handful is probably enough as long as it has a high Link Relevance Score.

Of course, we used Tabtimize’s own platform to find and reach out to the pages that are most relevant to our post otherwise it will have taken us days to find the most suitable backlink candidates to support exactly the intent we wanted to rank for.

The result of this is as you can see, not just rank # 1 but a featured snippet and that position we have held for over 2 months now.

Let me know if you did something similar and how you did it.

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