The Ultimate SEO Tutorial For 2020

Social Media Promotion Done Right

Is social media a great way to promote content?

It can be. If you do it right.

Unfortunately, most people just spam links on Twitter… and wonder why no one clicks over.

(I’m not judging. I used to do the same exact thing.)

If you want people to SEE your social posts, you need to get around social media algorithms’ biases against links.

You see, social media sites want to promote “native content”: content that’s original to their platform. And more importantly, they love posts that keep users ON the platform.

Which means that you want to add some native content to your social media posts. When you do, your organic reach will be MUCH higher.

Let’s look at a quick example.

A while back I wanted to promote one of our industry studies. But instead of just posting a title and link, I included a quick summary of what we found in a Tweet.

Which helped that Tweet get literally 5x more clicks than my average tweets. Part of this was the algorithm. But part of this Tweet’s success was that it had some interesting stuff in the Tweet itself. That way, people could Retweet it without needing to click over and see the post.

I do the same thing on Facebook and LinkedIn. Instead of just posting a link, I write a little compelling story first.

That way, I give social media algos some native content.

Which leads to thousands of views on every post.

And, more importantly, significant amounts of traffic.

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