The ultimate SEO checklist for eCommerce websites

ECommerce SEO can be horrendously confusing and time consuming so to make things easier we’ve compiled a comprehensive checklist to make managing your site’s SEO much simpler.

Getting the foundations of your website right is essential to long term search visibility gains – by covering everything on this eCommerce SEO checklist you’ll give yourself the biggest opportunity to maximise visibility over time.



Meta Data


Internal Links

Schema and structured data

Schema (or structured data as it’s also known) is a set of instructions in code format that sits on your website and provides additional information to search engines and, in turn, your users. By adding this information to your website you can increase click-through rate and possibly your visibility.

This is definitely worth getting your web team to implement. For eCommerce SEO, we recommend to:

Responsive website

A responsive website is one that adapts to whatever device your potential customers are using. This is important, as you could be losing sales through mobile if you don’t also provide these users with a great buying experience.

Broken links

Page load speed

Name, Address and Phone Number

Page Experience

Content checklist

As well as the technical side of things, it’s important to remember the content you’re putting into your eCommerce platform too. The below provides a comprehensive checklist of things you need to look into or ask your web team to consider, to make sure everything is working.


Keyword usage

Product Pages

Category Pages

Products and categories aren’t the only pages on your eCommerce website. The other information-based pages such as Terms and conditions, About us, Delivery information and many more, which are standard, are often forgotten. However, they still form a part of your website’s content and therefore shouldn’t be missed.

Out-of-stock / Discontinued Product Pages



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