The Relevance of a Two-Way Conversation in Social Media Marketing

Since the dawn of the 21st century, companies and brands have been exploring various options for interacting with potential customers, leads and customers in the best possible way. And thankfully, social media marketing seems to have provided the perfect platform for achieving this goal.

Social media plays a crucial role in assisting companies with their marketing objectives. Based on a poll that was carried out by HubSpot, over 60% of companies using social media claim they have gotten more leads compared to when they were banking on traditional marketing methods. However, a company needs more than just setting up an account and posting updates if they want to maximize the use of such platforms.

You need to view your customers as part of a special community. Think of interacting with customers as trying to help them solve their challenges; this could be in the form of merely proffering answers to their questions.

There are a couple of benefits attached to offering a quick response to your customers on social media platforms, and that is what you are about to discover.

Connecting you to your customers on a human level

You must understand that your customers or leads or prospects are all humans, and you need to interact with them as such. As opposed to a one-sided conversation where a company is only fond of posting updates about their products without acknowledging people who are at the other end, a two-way communication can be likened to a dialog. In such a scenario, the company speaks and equally listens to what its customers/followers have to say. That way, they can relate directly to the needs of their customers.

Social media marketing experts advise that 80% of every company’s post on social platforms should be focused on brand-building and adding value. In other words, as a company, most of your posts should be customer-focused and not on promoting your services or products.

You can even spice up your efforts by sharing news and ideas that are not directly related to your products or services on your wall. Your goal should be to educate and inform followers / customers with whatever they need to know.

Always getting involved in conversations is a way to prove that you are not one of those cold-hearted organizations that are completely disconnected from their customers; it depicts the fact that you have your consumers in mind and you are listening to their every need as well as making efforts to improve on whatever it is you are selling.

Gain Candid and Valuable Insights

Whatever products or services you specialize in as a company, you will find out that when you monitor your social media account carefully, gathering information about your customers becomes much easier.

People post a lot of stuff on social media, and sometimes these posts describe more than just their day-to-day experiences. They also talk about personalities, brands, products, and businesses.

Regardless of a negative or positive comment, getting involved in a two-way conversation is the fastest way to know what your customers love and hate about your company. That is why companies are extending their customer service tentacles to social media. It can help them improve their products or services, based on the information gathered from customers.

A recent survey that was carried out by CX Social which indicated that as many as 67% of companies submit that social customer service is the most effective short-term solution to a customer contact center. The report equally stated that companies that engage in improving their customer services on social media platforms do experience an increase of up to 35% in key metrics such as upsell, product recommendation to others, and the likelihood of purchasing the product again.

Responding swiftly and nicely to every comment that is made on social media regarding your company’ product or services can be a daunting task, but considering the kind of benefits it offers, you could very well say it’s worth all the time. Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well!

Take out time to improve the way you interact with your customers on social media, then you can sit back and watch your business grow in leaps and bounds.

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