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Back by popular demand; originally published August 2019

By Terry Blevins, Fellow of The Open Group and Enterprise Architect at Enterprise Wise LLC; edited by Sherwin Meeker, Member of The Open Group and Senior Managing Consultant at IBM

Before describing the future Enterprise Architect, we will reflect on the current Enterprise Architect, one of their customers – a current line of business leader – and the strained relationship between them. For the sake of personalization, we will call the current Enterprise Architect ‘Archie’, and current line of business leader ‘Loretta’.

In the future state of Enterprise Architecture, the relationship between the two evolves towards one that is more productive and trusted. We describe what a future Enterprise Architect might look like and summarize the salient differences.[1]

1.     Loretta – a Current Line of Business Leader

Loretta is a female in her 40s. She has an MBA and General Management degrees supplemented with deep business knowledge gained by her experience coming up through the corporate ranks. Loretta is fluent in the language of her business, she is very sharp and, along with her years of service, deserves her last promotion as a line of business leader. Loretta is balancing a demanding business with her family and dedication to her three kids in their teens.

Loretta, who reports to the CEO of the company, has autonomy to run her line of business, but is fully accountable for the profit and loss of her business unit. Privately, she often second guesses what the CEO wants, but is comforted in…

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You can read the article in its entirety, on the official website of The Open Group

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You can read the article in its entirety, on the official website of The Open Group

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