The Best WordPress SEO Plugins

There’s no doubt that prioritizing SEO will give you top results for your site and bring you organic traffic. But if you are not well-accustomed to SEO, what can you do? There are some excellent SEO plugins for WordPress website to help you out in improving your SEO. Today, WordPress powers about 26% of the known web. In this article we take a look at some of the best WordPress SEO plugins to aid your SEO efforts.

It might be overwhelming to see the number of available SEO plugins while trying to get your WordPress SEO right. So here is a list of some of the best WordPress SEO plugins to help you find the one that works best for you.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is actually the most popular WordPress plugin, used by more than five million websites. With 4/5 stars in overall rating, it is one of the best options for improving and optimizing your WordPress SEO.

Yoast SEO has many features that can help you achieve what you need for your site, like the Page Analysis Tool, Technical WordPress SEO, and XML Sitemaps service.

When it comes to Yoast SEO’s Page Analysis Tool, it makes sure that your website is on the right track. For example, Yoast SEO can check the length of your content, if the meta description hits the mark, scan pages, and so on.

You won’t have to code your own sitemap as Yoast SEO can create and control XML sitemaps. It also helps to identify and steer clear duplicate content on your website so that there are no penalties inflicted.

For guiding your way to improve your site’s search engine optimization and enjoy all the benefits and features of Yoast SEO, you can install it freely or also get the premium version. Yoast is widely considered one of the best WordPress SEO plugins available.

SEO Squirrly

For using SEO Squirrly, you don’t have to be an SEO expert or need to have years of experience. You just have to read and input the right keyword in the right places. And as you do it, suggestions and green lights will pop up, explaining how and where the keyword can be put into your content. With SEO Squirrly, it’s like you have an SEO expert beside you as you write.

If multiple writers work for you or are outsourcing them, another feature you would like about SEO Squirrly is the content reports. These content reports provide writers with supplemental understanding about SEO grounded on what they have written.

The SEO Squirrly WordPress plugin also has a tool to survey your competitors’ content so that you can get the ideas to rank higher their pages. There are various other tools in SEO Squirrly, including Strategy Assistant, Blogging Assistant, Settings Assistant, and the Keyword Research Assistant.

The Strategy Assistant is the engine that empowers the section of Focus Pages. The SEO Squirrly plugin provides functionality, and in addition to that, it also introduces a new way and a step by step way of performing search engine optimization.

Blogging Assistant helps writers to write better and quality-rich articles without having to leave their WordPress panel.

Website owners use the Settings Assistant to set up their site correctly and amend their site’s SEO settings.

The Keyword Research Assistant notifies users and suggests better keywords by adding data to their keyword documents from the saved records.

The SEO Framework

Another excellent option for you to see is the SEO Framework. This WordPress plugin is designed for smaller businesses rather than massive enterprises.

The interface of the SEO Framework blends seamlessly when combined with WordPress, so it looks as though it’s naturally there, without appearing conspicuous.

The SEO Framework WordPress plugin provides a colored scale and shows you how to optimize your posts for search engines. You can easily do it by moving the cursor on top of the SEO column bars to disclose notes on how to improve specific pages.

The SEO Framework is a free plugin and does not bother you when you are working through advertisements.

Broken Link Checker

You may find it hard to manage your blog as your content increases. And you might be penalized by Google algorithms if you have broken links which will lead to 404 errors. This is where the Broken Link Checker WordPress plugin becomes helpful for your website.

As the name suggests, you can check the status of your content or pages for broken links. For instance, say you used an image in your post from another site. If for a reason, the other website got rid of that particular page or combined it with another without inserting a redirect, your site will have a broken link.

It’s a relief to know that the Broken Link Checker plugin can keep an eye and identify broken links on your website. It notifies you of the same, after which you can easily remove or edit it. Rectifying broken links quickly is good for SEO and provides your visitors with great user experience.

Some of the best features of the Broken Link Checker are:

  • It can check links in pages, posts, comments, and custom fields.
  • detect links on your pages that don’t work.
  • gives the option to make broken links appear differently in posts.
  • You can use it to help prevent search engines from directing to the broken links.

All in One SEO Pack

With over two million installations, the All in One SEO Pack is a popular plugin. As the name says, it’s an “all-in-one” tool that your website might need. The All in One SEO Pack has been offering webmasters secure solutions to several challenges related to SEO.

One of its popular features is that this plugin has a dashboard that is easy to steer and is clean; you can be a beginner to start using it. The All in One SEO Pack is free; however, you can get its premium version.

The All in One SEO Pack includes features like:

  • Google Analytics and XML Sitemap support
  • Automatically generating useful meta tags
  • Avoids accidental duplicate content


SEO prioritization is crucial for your website. You would be thrilled to see just how many WordPress plugins are devoted to tasks relating to SEO, allowing you to easily improve your website visibility in Google and other search engines. While there are several plugins within your reach, it is best to focus only on some, and not burden yourself with too many options. To get yourself started with WordPress plugins for your website, consider the five best WordPress SEO plugins above.

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