The 5 Best SEO Agencies in Australia – Top SEO Companies

As the internet becomes more and more ubiquitous in modern life it opens up new opportunities for businesses to reach potential customers. This is primarily done through search engine optimisation (SEO), although the techniques involved can be tricky to learn on your own. The most reliable way to make sure that the strategy works for you is to use one of the best SEO companies in Australia!

It isn’t just E-commerce companies that benefit from SEO services – although, obviously, it is vital for them to have a very strong web presence. With tools such as Google Maps and online reviews becoming easy ways for customers to decide what they want, even purely brick and mortar businesses can benefit greatly from help with their digital marketing.

What are the best SEO agencies in Australia?

Here is the list of 5 best SEO firms in Australia:

Rank Agency Website
1 SEO Shark www.seoshark.com.au
2 Dejan SEO www.dejanseo.com.au
3 The Ideas Suite www.theideassuite.com.au
4 Melbourne IT www.melbourneit.com.au
5 WME www.wmegroup.com.au

To make it easier to work out who you should be speaking to, here are the five best SEO companies in Australia.

1. SEO Shark

SEO Shark is a full service digital marketing firm that manages organic search, pay per click (PPC), social media and reputation management campaigns. They also offer web development, design and celebrity engagement services. Essentially they are able to take over and streamline your entire digital marketing efforts.

This agency is fantastic for companies who are just getting started in their online efforts, or who need to rebuild their internet presence.  SEO Shark understand that hitting keywords isn’t the only thing that’s important – customers need to be able to read and understand your website, and it needs to be attractive as well.

The company is based in Sydney’s CBD, although it also has offices in Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane and runs campaigns for international clients as well. SEO Shark itself has been managing online campaigns for over 10 years, and the combined experience of the team there greatly exceeds this. They mainly focus on Google, given that this search engine has a virtual monopoly in Australia, and their goal is always to make their clients more visible on this platform.

SEO Shark does not charge hidden fees and does not lock clients into contracts. This is because the agency is confident that they will satisfy their clients, and will continue to bring them positive results without needing to rely on long term contracts.

Additionally, only “white-hat” techniques are used to improve the search engine rankings for clients. This is for two reasons: firstly, Google and other search engines penalise “black hat” (mainly spam) techniques and are constantly updating their algorithms to try and eradicate this. Secondly, websites that are purely designed around keywords usually look very ugly and will not attract clients no matter how highly they rank.

The general SEO Shark strategy is to start with a website audit to find any potential problems at the earliest possible stage. Next they will perform keyword research and select a number of target words and phrases that attract potential clients. Then they optimise the website for those keywords, and start link building activities. The intent behind this process is to increase visits, enquiries and sales for their clients, which increases overall revenue.

The company itself also ranks highly for many digital marketing related keywords and phrases. Searches for “digital marketing experts” and “seo company” will show the agency ranked very highly, which is extra assurance that they know what they are doing – after all, every SEO firm in the world is chasing the same keywords, so only the very best at what they do can manage to rank well! For this reason SEO Shark takes out the top spot on our list of the best SEO companies in Australia.

2. Dejan SEO

Dejan provide similar services to SEO Shark regarding search engine optimisation, PPC and social media, although with less focus on website design and on-page optimisation. The difference with this firm, however, is that they offer training to their clients as well so that they are equipped to take over their own SEO efforts if they want to.

Dejan is also very focussed in the technical side of things, making it a priority to make the website itself as efficient as possible through increased loading speeds and optimisation for mobile. This is useful for websites that are attracting a lot of visitors but failing to keep them, however it will not drastically increase the number of website visitors.

The firm tends to be most helpful to clients who already have a strong website and are looking to expand, or who need some upgrades to keep their site up to date. They are also very good at helping a business expand into new markets and convert high numbers of leads into enquiries and sales.

This is not a full service digital marketing firm and their services should be used to support your other online efforts and overall strategy. You will need to already have a good idea of what your strategy is and what keywords you want to target before you start using Dejan. On the other hand, they are very good at fine-tuning your website to get the most out of it, and making it more user-friendly.

This company is also excellent for performing technical audits of your website to identify problems. They run through your analytical data to assess how many leads you attract, your bounce rate (when people leave your website very quickly), how many people make enquiries and how many sales you get through your website. They will then try and find fixes for any problems.

If you have a high bounce rate, for example, there are several possible causes. You may be targeting irrelevant keywords, you might have an unattractive landing page or your loading speed may simply be too slow. Dejan will find which it is and have a solution that will solve the problem. Because they are excellent at finding, diagnosing and treating problems with their clients’ websites Dejan are the second best SEO company in Australia.

3. The Ideas Suite

The Ideas Suite is a bit different to the other companies on this list because they aren’t, technically, an SEO agency. They are primarily a PR firm, although many of their activities overlap with other types of digital marketing and can be very useful for SEO.

This marketing company offers media relationships, public relations management, partnerships with other organisations, social media management, communications with potential clients and content creation. Of these, social media management and content creation are directly relevant to SEO efforts, while the others will all improve your public image and generate organic searches for your website.

A strong media presence will only help you in your branding efforts, as well as encouraging people to seek out your company specifically. This will serve the same function as SEO, as it will increase your number of visitors and engagements. In fact, people who seek out your business specifically are far more likely to buy from you than those who find you through a keyword on a search engine – although you will likely not get as many visitors out of it.

Social media management will also be very useful, and The Ideas Suite are able to do it in a way that presents your brand in the best possible light. They will create videos and other content for you to share, and in the event that one of your posts goes viral your prominence will skyrocket. Your followers are also likely to promote your brand for you and build up your reputation.

In addition to creating content for you and your followers to share and interact on, The Ideas Suite will manage influencers for you to help grow your brand. If your business is conducive to Instagram marketing this can be a great way to increase your following and overall brand appeal. This will both improve your number of website visitors and (hopefully) increase your sales.

The content created by The Ideas Suite will also help your SEO efforts by making your website more attractive and generating leads for you. Regularly uploading content to your website shows Google that you are still active and attracts visitors who want to see your new stuff.

Because they can help your marketing efforts so much and create content that helps your SEO The Ideas Suite takes out number 3 on our list of the best SEO companies in Australia – although you will need to engage another firm if you need help with keywords and web development.

4. Melbourne IT

Melbourne IT is, as the name suggests, an information technology firm based in Melbourne. The company provides assistance with all aspects of web design and marketing, from finding a domain name and developing the site in the first place through to SEO and even security.

If a business wants to set up a website from absolute scratch, this is the firm to do it through. Melbourne IT design websites to be successful, in terms of function, overall attractiveness and, of course, SEO. They will ensure that all of the boxes are ticked – every image will have an appropriate keyword in the alt-text, landing pages will be highly targeted towards specific keywords and the overall website will be very easy to navigate.

For a business looking to begin a web presence Melbourne IT are a great option, especially if you are starting a new E-commerce business. This is because they will help to ensure that the website is up to date, runs smoothly and is optimised. If you already have a website and just want marketing services, however, you are probably better off going somewhere else to a firm where SEO and other digital marketing is not just a small part of what they do.

The overall design is very important for a websites SEO, as you need to both have an optimised website in order to rank well with search engines and have an attractive, user friendly landing page so that those who visit your site stay there and are more likely to buy something.

Because they are so good at setting up your website from scratch Melbourne IT are the fourth best SEO company in Australia, despite not being as good for pure SEO work as some of the other agencies on this list.

5. WME

WME is an SEO firm in their 10th year of business with offices in Australia and overseas. WME is similar to Melbourne IT in that they can custom build websites for their clients; however they have more of a focus on SEO optimisation and are a useful consultant for pure SEO services.

WME is the biggest company on this list, and they can be very good for companies who just need to get a bit of a boost in search rankings. They also offer social media and PPC services, along with copywriting. These activities are used to supplement SEO efforts, so WME cannot truly be considered a full-service digital marketing firm.

WME are based in Melbourne, although they also have offices in Sydney, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai. As the number of diverse offices suggests, they take on clients all over Australia as well as operating internationally. With all of their offices located in major global business centres, WME are very good at business to business targeted SEO.

Most small businesses in Australia don’t have the scope to take advantage of the huge reach of WME, and there is a significant risk that smaller clients can be forgotten about or subjected to a cookie cutter approach that doesn’t recognise the challenges faced by different businesses. The focus on SEO above all other digital marketing techniques can also reduce their effectiveness and potentially create a less use friendly website.

Due to their reach and experience WME are in the five best SEO companies in Australia, but there is a significant risk for a new or small business in using them.

So there you are; the five best SEO companies in Australia. These companies all have different strengths and weaknesses, so make sure that you check them out and speak to their representatives before making a commitment to ensure that they have an idea for a strategy that will work for you.

How much does SEOcost per month?

In Australia the costs depends on the niche, industry and keywords. Typical monthly price is $2,000 for complete SEO service.

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