Suits Social CEO Darren Cabral Speaks on Why Businesses Need Social Media Marketing This COVID-19

Covid-19 has disrupted our lives leaving us with only online platforms as the main way for communicating. The restricted movement and social distancing have triggered an increase in eCommerce and social media use. As businesses struggle to maintain their processes and revenue streams, social media marketing may be their greatest weapon. 

Darren Cabral is the CEO and Founder of . This company is one of Canada’s leading marketing agencies and happens to be one of Canada’s first dedicated social media marketing agencies. We had a conversation with Darren about the state of marketing this COVID-19 and why social media marketing is the holy grail for today’s businesses. 

The State of Marketing

The COVID situation challenged companies to go back to the drawing board and seek ways to realign their marketing strategies. Most companies responded by realigning their marketing budgets to social media marketing, with of them utilizing social media for brand awareness and brand building. 

In the past few months, focussed on social media, and 51% of them used the platforms to gain new customers. Still, the transition is not as smooth as a high percentage of companies are at a loss on how to stand out from their competitors. If social media was considered competitive before the pandemic, then the competition peaked to the next level. 

The change in customer preferences is also another factor that has affected marketing. Consumers are facing uncertainty as a growing number of people have experienced income cuts and job loss. People are concerned about the wellbeing of their loved ones and, as such, want a brand that understands this and seeks to establish a connection with them rather than close sales.

Why Use Social Media Marketing 

Social media platforms help companies to engage in helpful and valuable conversations with their customers. They can offer advice, information, useful or encouraging messages. This strategy allows companies to remain relevant as they are actively communicating with their existing consumers. 

Marketing experts agree that existing customers are more likely to spend more on your brand than new customers. Moreover, in this pandemic time, customers are more likely to purchase from . Focussing on existing customers enables enterprises to keep their retention rates high. Moreover, companies can still hold campaigns and offer discounts or run contests to engage their audience. 

Darren states that there is still tremendous opportunity to scale your business during a pandemic or in any negative economic environment. He has several social media strategies that he’s utilized over the years that almost always result in massive success. 

One of the strategies that he uses involves leveraging custom retargeting audiences created from existing customer data. This is a remarketing strategy where he gathers your existing customer data from an email list, CRM, or even your POS system and uploads that to Facebook. He can then retarget those customers directly, or develop something called a “Lookalike” audience. A lookalike audience is a brand new audience that shares similar data points to your existing customers, e.g. they have the same interests, income level, hobbies, and even education. Darren says these are typically the audiences that deliver the highest ROI and have been the secret to his multiple 7-figure product launches for his eCommerce clients.

Why work with Suits Social

Suits Social is an agency that helps companies dominate their competition in their social media space. Since it was established in 2016, the company has helped hundreds of companies achieve success online. 

Their clients include one of North America’s largest auto groups, national retail franchises, one of Ontario’s largest real estate teams. The agency has also worked with Canada’s fastest-growing E-Commerce brands and dozens of brick and mortar businesses worldwide.

Suits Social helps businesses, brands, and marketing teams develop and implement proven social media strategies that drive growth and measurable ROI through paid and organic campaigns in a relevant way to today’s consumer. The agency provides its clients with measurable ROI with every project through regular reporting and 24/7 access to a custom analytics dashboard so you’re never left in the dark!

Darren built this company from scratch. He grew the agency to 2700% in just three years. Before his current venture Suits Social, he helped build several companies before the age of 22. His success is proof that he has what it takes to scale a business, no matter the challenges. You can check out more from their website

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