Social Media Marketing To Rock Your Home Business [ Ch 4 Of 9 ]

After identifying a business idea you intend to go after, then do an online search to see if anybody is doing just what you are taking wanting to do – or something comparable. Many experts believe that if nobody is marketing the niche you choose, it could be an indication that no market exists, and you need to back away.

These People Pay For Advertising – It Works Or It’s Gone

One good way to qualify your idea is to search on Google and look at the sponsored ads on the search page. This is where people advertise and they are spending money every time you click on the ad. If there aren’t any ads, that means that you probably don’t have a way to monetize your niche.

Knowing this, it is important that you find something that already works, put your own spin on it, and implement it in a different way. This is where you are going to want to dig in, maybe even buy their offer and follow along to see exactly what they are doing.

If you decide to follow this strategy, be sure to meticulously document every part of their sales funnel, because you are going to want to fashion yours in much the same way. If they are already successful that means they have tested what works.

So here’s what I mean:

Let’s say you see a post on Facebook that is a lot like what you want to offer. Take a screen shot of the post and save it to a file you create. Name the file something you will remember, cause you’re going to like doing this and will eventually hack a lot of ideas.

Watch For Posts That Relate To Your Business

Now click through to their landing page – make a screen shot of that and save the url in a notepad and save them to your file.

Next, optin to their offer with your name and email. Notice what their form looks like and how it works. When you submit you will see their thank you page. What’s it like, does it have a video or just a sales page for another offer? Does it ask you to check your email for delivery, or just give it to you right there?

Was the offer of an e-book, video or does it go to one of their blog posts? It’s important to look these things over and compare offers that you see other people doing.

You have a couple of choices; you can make an offer just like theirs for your own product, or you can join them or buy their product and develop a relationship with them so you can team up and do what they do.

This is how we associate ourselves with good examples of business people on the Internet and develop meaningful and profitable relationships.

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