Social Media Marketing: The Complete Guide for Beginners [2020]

We have seen in the past like Social Media platforms like Orkut, MySpace, etc which were successful in creating a large user base, but couldn’t convert them into a successful business model.

The Inception of Facebook in 2004 brought the bigger picture for business owners to explore the potential of using social media for marketing to generate leads for businesses. Facebook revolutionized the concept of Social Media advertising. And so all the other platforms followed the path.

Social media presence for business has become a primary thing in the marketing checklist now.

Today we have social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc, which are now harvested by Digital Marketers and businesses to generate leads.

In the current market scenario, we have various models of social media operating with different goals. You have to carefully analyze which models you should focus on to redirect traffic to your website.

When we see the number of potential users, who are actively using these social media websites, this gives high hopes for business owners. If you could explore the untapped potential of these platforms then this will tremendously boost your business or blog.

Social Media is going to evolve into a more business-oriented model in the coming years, so if you are starting now, then make sure to mine properly before it becomes difficult.

Currently, it allows users to write a maximum of 280 characters. So you have to understand that words sell here.

Apart from the textual content, you can share videos, pictures, blogs and website links.

Brands are very actively engaging here and that becomes a very good opportunity for you to slip in and keep on with the engagement.

Twitter can drive more traffic to your website than Facebook.

You can track the traffic from twitter, even the demographics, location etc using Twitter analytics.

If you are an affiliate marketer, you can make a commission and if the content is effective enough, then you can earn a subscriber.

This is a proven strategy and you will not look desperate and plus will be able to promote your page and can gain some more visitors.

LinkedIn is the largest professional network on the Internet.

With over 575+ million users LinkedIn has created a spot among the top social media platforms.

LinkedIn may not have a high user base like Facebook or Twitter, but the conversion rate is amazing.

If you are in the B2B space looking for high-quality clients, then probably LinkedIn is the best.

Unlike other platforms, people come here to gain knowledge and ideas, which creates an ideal environment for reaching out to folks with similar interests quickly.

Here you can be sure that you are going to deal with learned professionals, so educating is not as difficult as the other platforms.

The engagement process is comparatively easy in LinkedIn, so you can easily improve your audience with increasing your connections and followers.

LinkedIn Publishing Platform is an amazing way to create and share engaging contents. You can write contents and use outbound links to your posts. This will direct free traffic to your website.

Advertisements are much more engaging than in any other network. Here you can target people on what they professionally do.

You can focus on attributes such as Industry, Experience, Interests, Job roles, Member Groups, Company capacity & more. This helps in creating excellent conversion rates.

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