Social Media Marketing Tactics

It is indeed a business can survive without the use of social media. Back in the day businesses still used to operate without it and still did well. But just because we have said so doesn’t mean that we nullify the influence of social media in business. The use of some of the social media giants such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter can also take your brand to improved levels, increasing your number of sales and also expanding your network. For one who owns a business and would want to make strides towards the growth of your enterprise to greater levels, then you should turn to social media, and it will steer you to get there.

One thing you should know is that just by having a social media account is not enough; you need to keep it active and ensure you use it specifically to promote your business. You will be required to give valuable information, keep your customers engaged and ensure that that you utilize that network for the empowerment of your business and to increase the overall volume of your sales ultimately. There are some tactics you should utilize to optimize its benefits to your business:

You should ensure that you have established your authority and expertise on the subject matter.

One ultimate way of building you’re following on social media and in turn, get your network expanded and then get people to trust you. For you to do that you must show your customers that you are an expert in the industry you are involved. You should begin by sharing tips and advice. Then after a while, you will start noticing people will be coming to you asking for help.

Ensure that you always respond to any query they may be having and go a step further in confirming the extent you went to help. You should be ready to be bombarded with more and more questions. You may also proceed and post FAQs, host webinars or share video tutorials.

Keep your followers engaged

You should not just be contented with having a lot of likes on your Twitter or Facebook account. You should ensure you go beyond that. Ensure you do more than that and try engaging them with conversations. Here is the point you will be able to share with them some highly engaging content. Go further and reach out with personal messages. Ensure you take time to also comment on their posts. Give them attention and listen to what they have to say and in this way cultivate and build a good relationship with them. This will automatically steer your business to get to higher levels.

Always respond to some negative feedback

You should never ignore negative feedback. Ensure you always respond to negative feedback. If someone goes to a social media platform to criticize and maybe complain about your business, you will have to respond to it. It should not be like going to war with that given person, but you would rather handle it in a very mature and professional way.
Make sure that you address the person’s complaint and get to the bottom of it as quickly as you can. If you realize that after a thorough investigation that you are not at the side of the fault, then ensure you explain your innocence to the affected person in a polite way. In case you find that the complainant has a valid claim, ensure that you apologize in the right manner instantly and then fix the problem there and then. Doing this will give your customers a good picture in that you are interested and concerned about any issue they may have.

Crowdsourcing for ideas

If you want to get people’s attention well, then all you need to do is crowdsource for ideas. Ensure you get people from your social circle to at least contribute suggestion for your latest venture. In case you are bringing a new product, try and as them for the best packaging ideas. This said though you should not stop there. Be creative and at least turn it to a sort of a contest whose reward will be to give an enticing prize to the person who comes up with the best idea.

Video Marketing

Another cool social media marketing trick is targeting more on video marketing. Video marketing means that you are using videos to either market or promote your product, brand or service. It can be anything ranging from customer rapport to promoting your service, brand or product. There are very many videos that are normally uploaded on YouTube every year. We can therefore confidently say that videos are the most engaging way to attract the audience. These days many people are interested in videos rather than the textual or auditory methods. The key is to ensure that the right people see your videos and this can be by proper use of keywords, high production values and timing the release of your videos. You can, therefore, add some videos on your social media handles and your customers will be more interested in it.

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