Social Media Marketing Strategies You Must Adopt In 2019 And Beyond

With over 3.48 billion users worldwide, social media is the perfect marketplace for brands everywhere. Businesses today are using social media to create brand awareness, customer acquisition, audience engagement and much more.

According to a recent study, engaging with your customer on social media can prompt them to make a purchase. answering a customer’s question on social media prompts 48% of consumers to purchase, 46% are persuaded by promotions and contests and 42% say they’d prefer educational content to make the switch.

So, as a B2C brand, you must use social media to connect with, engage and convert your audience into brand loyalists. An effective B2C social media marketing strategy is all you need to achieve this goal. However, before you adopt a social media marketing strategy you must ask yourself a few questions to decide the right social media channels that will work for your brand:

  • What are the goals you want to achieve using social media marketing?
  • Which social media channels does your target audience use?
  • What kind of content do you plan to create – video, blog, or image-based content?
  • Which social channels are your competitors using?

Once you have answers to all of the above questions, you can find the right social channel mix for your brand and forge your marketing strategy around them. There are a number of effective B2C marketing strategies that can bring you results. Here we share a few marketing strategies for social media that will bring exceptional results for you B2C business in 2019 and beyond:


You can engage your audience with social media contests with an incentive. This will make your customers engage back with you. A contest creates a sense of excitement and friendly competition among your customers and prospects.

While participating in contests your potential customers share valuable, marketable information with you such as name, email address, etc., and they are likely to share the content among new faces in case you offer an incentive. This way, they help you organically extend the reach of your B2C marketing strategy. 


Remarketing or retargeting is a simple process where a JavaScript tag placed at the bottom of your website generates a list of everyone who visits your site by deploying cookies into their browsers. If you have ever seen a product online, and later came across offers regarding the same in ads placed on different social media platforms or other websites, you have experienced remarketing.

For remarketing campaign to be successful, you need to know your target audience. By focusing your remarketing efforts on the right audience and reminding them why they should consider your product, you can boost your chances of conversion. You can get creative with these ads and utilize the full technology to experiment with size, placement, call to action, etc.

Ambassador Programs

Word of mouth is still the most potent marketing tool in B2C marketing strategies. When someone has something good to say about your brand, it creates a positive ripple across the social verse. You can take the concept farther and designate brand ambassador – someone who shares your brand in a positive light among his or her followers.

You can even hire a brand ambassador to give your brand a boost. These champions of your brand will act as your biggest fan and make your brand go viral.

Influencer Marketing

Online influencers such as popular bloggers or high-profile individuals with a high fan following can influence the purchasing decisions of their followers. Over a period of time, these influencers have built up their reputations to such a level that their words matter to their fans. When you get your brand an influencer, they use their skills to create quality content that generates mass word of mouth on your behalf. This way they help to build positive brand sentiment and increase your brand value.

Use The Power Of Community

Off-domain customers from social media can give you a good business. However, you cannot control their experience when they come across your social content or interact with you on social media. On the other hand, branded, on-domain communities are a powerful, untapped consumer touch point where consumer behavior is influenced and B2C social sales are generated. Your superfans and engaged community members are the most loyal customers, and they spend more.

Get in-depth data and analysis on the business value derived from branded social communities, compared to public social networks like Facebook and Twitter, according to the Millward Brown Digital report, Owning Your Brand’s Social Community Drives More Shoppers and Sales.

These are the top 5 B2C marketing strategies that are continuing to create a buzz around social media. Using these strategies will surely give your brand the boost it needs to be successful. However, just utilizing B2C marketing strategies for your brand won’t help you achieve success in the long run. You should also track your data to see what’s working for your brand and what’s not.

It will provide you great insight into what B2C marketing strategies bring you the maximum benefit and you will be able to adjust your approach accordingly.

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