Social Media Marketing Interview Questions and Answers for Fresher, Experienced

Social Media is popular nowadays for professionals and the businesses both. Many social media jobs are being generated daily and so people like to make a career as social media professional. Even in a short time duration, social media marketing has been progressed, on which video, content, photos can be combined to make a feature-rich post. Sales funnel of every business can be accelerated by social media marketing and so every business has made it compulsory to use this platform for their business.

Here, in this article, we are going to describe that what are commonly asked social media marketing questions that one should practice for cracking any interview. You will definitely find them useful and appropriate for your interview. This set of questions will help you in getting the idea of all questions that will surely help you in grabbing your dream job.

Social Media Interview Questions with Answers for Fresher

Regardless of your job role and profile, you may be asked the following questions:

Q1). Why is Social Media Industry popular?

This is one of the commonly asked questions for social media professionals. Through these questions, your interviewer wants to check your knowledge about the social media industry. He wants to check that whether you know or not about the social media industry and its importance? As you have chosen this career, so whether you know or not, why social media is a popular and most used platform?

Here you can show and say that as social media in on boom and you love to overcome the challenges of everyday life so rather than choosing a boring job, you chose social media as your career. And social media is a popular platform and day by day new people keep on adding to this platform.

Q2). Have you ever run any Social Media campaign, if yes then what was it?

Though being a social media professional, you might have been specified about any of your effective campaigns in your CV, but still the recruiter may ask you about your campaign. They may want to listen to your accomplishments on your own. Moreover, they may want to listen to your success story in your own words. They may wish to know how you started your campaign and tracked your success. They may judge your passion and enthusiasm towards business by listening to your story.

Q3). What are the blog tricks that can help to drive more traffic to the website?

There are a few of the popular and most used tricks that can help in driving more traffic for the website, they are listed below:

Q4). Explain few popular social media marketing tools and their uses.

Here is the list of some popular and most used social media marketing tools, that can be used to leverage your campaign:

Q5). Enlist some marketing strategies to generate more leads.

Your recruiters may want to know the strategies that you adopt to generate more leads. To answer this question, you must know that value of social media marketing campaigns in quantifiable terms. You should talk about social media ads that can add value to the business of recruiter. It must be clear that Social media ROI is equivalent to a number of leads.

Q6). What is online reputation crisis and how to handle it?

It is one of the most common question asked by the social media professionals. Here, you should tell what the crisis they can face while being an online platform and how they can handle it. Here, you can tell them about social media policies and what can be the result to conflict those policies and how to resolve any of such conflict?

Q7). What is the relationship between SEO and social media?

One can improve SEO by social media. For that, one must know the latest Google algorithms and what is rewarding and punishing in that algorithms. Here you must also discuss Google Analytics and other Google policies too.

Q8). What are the social media performance metrics to track ROI?

Lead generation, engagement, brand reach, and conversations are essential measures for social media marketing. SMMs must be comfortable in talking about these Google Analytics terms. Here you cannot only measure the success by engagement, instead, conversion must be improved to increase ROI of the social media campaign.

Social Media Interview Questions with Answers for Experienced

Q9). How can one decide social media marketing budget?

Here, you as an interviewee must give the answer to how will you allocate the budget and track its success?

Like for Facebook marketing campaign, let the budget is $500 per month that can be reasonable and fruitful for any size organization. Mainly budget can be divided into following aspects while planning for social media marketing:

Q10). Differentiate between social customer service environment and social marketing environment?

This question is asked to the experienced candidates by the recruiters in which they can define both separately as:

Q11). What are the ways to the Facebook reach?

Facebook is most popular social media platform and one can boost the reach of a post by following tricks:

Q12). How will you boost Twitter posts or tweets?

Like Facebook, Twitter is also popular but the way to boost tweet is quite different and one can follow following listed ways to boost the Twitter post:

Q13). How can you measure ROI for social media marketing?

Before you start tracking the ROI, you should know the goals and objectives of the organization. Following ways can be used to measure the ROI effectively:

You can use these factors to measure social media ROI. Moreover, you can also assign financial or any quantified value to each practice after deciding marketing goals of the organization.

Q14). What is RSS feed and why is it important?

RSS stands for Rich Site Summary that is an XML file. RSS feeds are used to push content to the company’s site and readers can also subscribe to the feeds feed.qu. Companies can get a wider audience through this feed. You can do email subscription, live bookmarking and content feeding through RSS feeds.

Q15). Enlist some crucial elements of the viral video.

Viral videos can have following elements, that are necessary to know when you make any video

Social media marketing Interview Questions and Answers Conclusion

Social media marketing is a popular career these days and these questions may help you to crack the interview of marketing manager. The questions are not limited instead you can also find many questions that are essential for you to face the interview. All of the above questions are prepared by our team at carefully by interacting with multiple social media professionals. Don’t forget to share your experience with us.



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