Social Media Marketing in the Midst of COVID-19

I got an email this morning from a non-profit I work with wondering how they should think about social media marketing during the COVID-19 outbreak. It’s a tricky thing as the situation is very dynamic and social media is only becoming more important as people self-isolate while looking for social connection and the latest information.

In fact, a recent survey by Global WebIndex found roughly 25% of respondents saying they check social media more often because of COVID-19/coronavirus.

Social Media Marketing during COVID-19

Social Media Marketing during COVID-19

Here are some tips we’re applying for our clients that might be helpful to you.

Re-evaluate every day

Things are changing so rapidly that daily huddles are the best way to ensure that you don’t inadvertently come across as insensitive or mercenary. Review your content scheduled to post today and tomorrow and review your paid media strategies as well. Repeat daily for now.

Re-consider what you have to offer

Many people are working from home and parents face weeks
of trying to entertain and educate their children. Restaurants are closing.
People are (or will soon be) worrying about their personal finances. People
aren’t seeing their friends as often as they did. Businesses wonder about sales
and making payroll.

In this context, what can you share that could be helpful? Do you have information that can help your niche audience? Do you have someone who was scheduled to hold a workshop that can now record it and hold it virtually? Is your team doing something that others might like to copy?

List the questions you have about your job/industry/area of expertise?

This blog post was inspired by what we’re asking ourselves on behalf of our clients. What questions are you asking yourself? Can your initial thoughts be helpful to others? Can you ask others to contribute their thoughts? We’re all more aware that we’re a part of a community right now. If you don’t have all the answers, perhaps crowdsource some of them and share?

Put yourself in your audiences’ shoes

I spent this morning re-evaluating every item on my to do list in this context. Is that email I was going to send likely to be well received? I decided some weren’t. I decided the email I got might lead to a helpful blog post. Imagine what your audience is thinking right now and think about how you’d answer their top questions. That may be the source of helpful content.

Think long-term

Every small business is going to be a little scared right
now and eager to drive sales. If you have supplies of toilet paper, hand
sanitizer or the equivalent, by all means let people know. But otherwise, focus
on being helpful to people and your brand will be in better position when all
this is behind us.

Hang in there. This is certainly a strange time, but
we’re going to get through it.

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