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The year 2018 was a major time for many agencies to improve and build off on the social media trends of last year. And now that the year is almost over, you might be asking yourself: “What would 2019 look like for social media marketing?”

Although we aren’t sure yet, there are several predictions we can make for the coming year. We are going to discuss these in the article and should give you a look at how the continuous evolution of digital marketing world would look like in the coming months.

Influencer and Ephemeral Marketing

Using multiple social media influencers through commercial entities as a means to sell their products and services is what influencer marketing is about. Compared to traditional marketing, this new kind of marketing will try to make use of a more psychological and personalised sales connection to convince potential consumers to make purchase decisions based on their favourite web personalities.

Another aspect of online marketing is ephemeral marketing which focuses on giving temporary content. Publishing old content coming from the same organisation can be tiring to see. Furthermore, SEO content that is left stagnant on the platform can drastically lower the SEO rankings of the hosting page in the SERPs.

Video and Live Feed Advertising

Nearly all SEO and social media experts agree that short video marketing and company live feeds are able to generate a bigger share on consumer audience compared to their traditional counterparts. With the hectic schedules for many, a lot of people are finding less time or energy to read lengthy textual materials to gain knowledge.

This is where video and live feed advertising comes in. Instead of reading lengthy blog posts and articles, companies instead summarise their entire content and put them in compact video and live feed advertisements. The marketing agencies see these as the remedy to such circumstances and are increasingly being used by many nowadays.

VR and AR Uses

VR or Virtual Reality technology is capable of allowing direct sensory interactions between the users and social media accounts. There are hardware companies like Motorola that have started using this projection technology together with standard camera infrastructures for their devices.

For AR or Augmented Reality, apps related to it have the ability to capture the idiosyncrasies and facial expressions of web users through camera devices. This gives a more personalised touch compared to emoticons and other virtual expressions.

We predict these two trends to reach far in the social media industry especially in 2019.

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